WSJ article lists GT5, ME2 and GoW3 as “underhyped” titles

Gamersmint: A recently posted Wall Street Journal article titled, “The Unsung Videogame Heroes of 2010” has listed games like Gran Turismo 5, Fallout 3, God of War 3 and Mass Effect 2 among others as games which were not hyped enough but still were worth checking out.

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psb2838d ago

what was the author smoking? Has he even ever played a videogame?

velocitygamer2838d ago

He was smoking Weed 2.0 Beta Edition.

zootang2838d ago

Gamers know about theses games but ask someone who knows nothing about games and they would probably only recognise one franchise (Gran Turismo) and I bet they wouldn't know 5 has just recently released.

ilikestuff2838d ago

maybe he lives under a rock and from time to time someone lifts the rock and throws some games underneath for him to play, that would be the only way he hears no "hype"

himdeel2838d ago

Wait...what he's serious. Hmm me thinks this person might not even be a gamer :\ and might smoke the wacky tabaci.

showtimefolks2838d ago

GOW3 we all knew was a simple plot kill everyone and i loved it plain and simple kill anything and everything that moves

GT5 well 5.52 million in 14 days begs the difference from the author

ME2 was nothing more than a shooter with very little rpg. WHEN PEOPLE WANTED BIOWARE TO FIX THINGS FROM ME1 IT WAS NOT THAT MAKE IT A 3RD PERSON SHOOTER.

I played the 1st on xbox360 as did with 2nd and even ME1 with its few issues like frame rate and stuff is a much much better games and i know that's just my opinion


RedDead2838d ago

GOW3 I have no comment, it was sufficiently hyped, GT5 was hyped for the wrong reasons, as in fans will love(I did) but anyone who isn't used to it might not like it, ME2 is overrated and above poster is correct.

MNicholas2838d ago

those and pretty much all other games can claim to be underhyped.

poopface12838d ago

because that came out this year. I have 3 of those games tho. Mass effect 2, Gow 3, and NV.

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xino2838d ago

I like gamesmint because they bring good news about games but not regularly.

and I really dislike them for trash articles such as this they publish!

it just makes them look like a socialist games site or wanna be games journalist!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!>:/

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The story is too old to be commented.