5 'amazing' new settings for Modern Warfare 3... if the developers have totally run out of ideas

GamesRadar: "If recent moist and juicy interweb rumours are to be believed, the next Modern Warfare could well be a prequel, starring ‘cockerney’ badass and all-round unluckiest soldier on Earth, Ghost. While that does sound intriguing, we thought we’d suggest five ‘brilliant’, in no way urine-extracting ideas for Infinity Ward’s next COD. Well, if Infinity Ward makes another entry in the series, that is. Keep on reading for a glimpse at what Modern Warfare would be like if it was set in space, during the American Civil War or if you just want to see Captain Price in a mankini."

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Quagmire2842d ago

Amazing? Yes, i suppose. Amaingly Ridic- OH MA GAWD! NEED EYEBLEACH!

outwar60102842d ago

lol ofcourse IW have run out of ideas did you play the 3 hours campaign for mw2??? iw take these!!!!

jashmister2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

although funny, I hope they don't make any more this series needs to die.
The zombie idea probably will be done because they want to milk as much popular things as possible to get stupid amounts of sales

Jio2842d ago

Do we really need a new modern warfare? Call of Duty 4 was great but then the series became overwhelmed by 12 year old kids.

rataranian2842d ago

Trust me they have run out of ideas. =\ The COD games blow now.

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