Why Casual Gaming Can Be Fun: Changing from a Hardcore Perspective

Game Podunk's Content Manager, Dancurtis writes, "Why am I telling you this? Simple. I want to show you, as a gamer, why casual games can be fun. Countless messages flying across the internet denounce casual gaming as a hideous blemish on the backside of the industry and many a gamer has expressed their dissatisfaction with the products of casual-ness, giving birth to the name 'Shovelware'. While I do agree that a vast majority of casual games are mind-numbingly bad, there are a few gems strewn liberally among the manure that I personally find are an absolute blast to play. I think at heart, everyone one of us would happily play a party game with friends or family rather than playing a hardcore title. Who honestly hasn't busted out Wii Sports in moments of family gathering and had a great time laughing as your Grandad tries his best to live out his dreams of being a pro-golfer by waving a white remote around indignantly?..."

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WildArmed2842d ago

Great article.

I agree with the 100%.

I'm definitely a core gamer, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying casual games.
I've played Wii Sports, SSB, Sports Champions, Singstar, Rock band, you name it, with my lil' cousins and family.

And I do enjoy them for during that time. Just like when I play any game split-screen, it's not that fact that my buddy sucks @ the game that matters anymore, but the fact that we are having a blast playing it.

Casual games give us a better 'bridge' (the core gamers) to play w/ people who really can't play FPS games/ action games w/ you (the casual gamers, if you so will call it that).

Sure, I can see why core gamers are mad w/ the influx of casual games. But, it's also an opportunity (if you so choose to take it) to play w/ your-not-much-of-a-gamer friend/relative.

creeping judas2841d ago

I think a lot of us forget that the biggest chunk of the user base for PS3 and Xbox is and will aways be casual. I think Wii is all casual?

Hardcore gamers don't wait for the price drop, or for the black Friday sale, boxing day sale, or what ever sale .We didnt wait for the slim version of our console, or a new more advanced cooler chip to be installed.

We all stood in line day one when our console's came out.We scrimped and saved to be able to afford the initial asking price. Or we purchased them soon there after. The majority of people buying a new console this late in to the console life cycle are predominately casual.

I wish there was a way of confirming my thoughts but I don't think I am too far off the mark.

And that is why casual gaming will always be around.

darthv722841d ago

It used to be when I was younger, someone earned the designation of being hardcore by playing lots of games all the time. Now a days it has changed to the type of game you play.

The definition certainly has changed to suit those who feel the need to use it. I was considered hardcore at one time. Owning and playing almost everything every waking minute. That included shmups, rpg's, adventure games, sports...there wasnt an FPS genre back then (just yet).

So my years have progressed and while I may not play as much as I did, I guess that makes me fall into the casual category now. I still play the different genres of games, just not all the time.

Gaming as a whole is fun. I dont see the need to ridicule those who dont play the same type of games as others. Yet there are many who would disagree with me. As if to say that there can only be one type of gamer like there can only be one winning platform.

Gaming is about choice. Once you realize that, it makes enjoying the games you play that much more enjoyable. You dont need to worry about the other guy as much anymore. This medium of entertainment is just to diverse to take sides.

That is just my point of view.

Kewl_Kat2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Should someone who bought a PS3 (as an example) when it used to cost at 499 or 599 but only used it for blu-ray playback since launch be considered hardcore, while someone who bought a 299 slim version last year and has been playing games on it non-stop be considered casual? Your reasoning is unfair, and yes, you're too far off the mark.

King-Leonidas2841d ago

a casual game for me is being able to sit down with 10 of my fellow spartans and play a good split screen shooter... like time splitters on ps2

King-Leonidas2841d ago

lol wth the author wrote an article :P

Boody-Bandit2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

The big problem with casual games is the novelty wears off rapidly on most of them for me personally. I mean in like an hour or less. I personally prefer complex strategic driven games. My favorite are sim racers, shooters and fighters.

I just cant get into casual games and it honestly does rub me the wrong way that so many games that are making the jump to this generation of consoles from the last gen are being made easier.

It's not about being a snob or elitist, it's just what I prefer for my gaming preferences.

nycredude2841d ago

No one ever said casual gaming isn't fun ubt casual gaming usually involve a group of friends over at one's house just messing about playing with say the move or kinect. When you DON'T have friends over it isn't nearly as fun, so you go back to your core games. What are you going to do have friends over every night?

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DanSolo2841d ago

The only people who complain about casual games are the "snobbish" type of hardcore gamer who consider casual games somehow beneath them. If casual games were replacing hardcore games then it would be a problem... but as it is just another choice I don't see the reason to whinge about it!

I prefer hardcore games, but there is nothing wrong with some casual games for non-gamers to enjoy, and for the family to all mess about with together.

For some non-gamers casual games are just a thing to have fun on occasionally, for others it is an easy introduction into gaming that is more accessible than picking up a control pad for the first time and attempting to play a match of a FPS and getting ganked before they have even worked out what button does what.

All the time there is a choice to do either... then it is a good thing!

thebudgetgamer2841d ago

i've played those mcdonald games for hours when bored on a plane

Kon2841d ago

Casual games are fun. But there are people who can't admit it.

unseen492841d ago

All u 360 only fans get on the ps3 boat

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