Apache Air Assault Review - PS3 (El33tonline)

Oltman at El33tonline writes:

"Helicopter simulators are not nearly as common as they should be. I remember the good old days of playing LHX on DOS and Apache Longbow 2, the first one being a very basic helicopter game with crude graphics (but still immensely playable), and the second one being a hardcore simulator, but scalable enough to be enjoyed by all...

... So it was with great anticipation that I started playing Apache Air Assault - from the trailers it seemed to have inherited a legacy from these previous great games. The game looks beautiful and realistic, and rather than being a jack-of-all-trades it focuses on one particular aircraft to master, so I knew it would be accurate in its flight system. What I did not count on was the PS3’s control system being a pain in backside."

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Bounkass3504d ago

Pretty cool game. Just ordered it off eBay for PlayStation 3. Pretty excited.