3D-Enabled Handheld Game Consoles to Surpass 11 Milion Units in 2014

[This is taken from a press release] Due to advancements in autostereoscopic 3D technology, a type of 3D technology that does not require glasses to view 3D images, 3D technology is finding its way into mobile devices such as smartphones and handheld game consoles. As an example, Nintendo plans to release its first 3D-enabled handheld game console, dubbed the 3DS, in the first half of 2011. In-Stat ( says that this will be the beginning of what will lead to over 11 million unit shipments of 3D-enabled handheld game consoles by 2014.

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hassi942840d ago

I'm sure Nintendo hope it's a HELL of a lot more than that. They prob expect at least 30-50 million within the first 3 years. Hell the regular ds has sold 120ish million within 6-7 years, and most of their steam was in the first 3 years.

zaz122840d ago

stupid prediction. 3ds will surpass that before 2012

Ratchet5102840d ago

psp2 and 3Ds will go off the charts because both of them are great handhelds and are cheap so they will sell alot more than 11mil in first year.

firefoxprime2840d ago

Woah....woah. Slow down kid.
Psp2 cheap???

I can see why you only have "1" bubble.

liveActionLeveler2839d ago

Well, in comparison to the 3DS it probably won't look so expensive this time around. If 3DS is $250 or $300, then sony has a good range in which they can price the psp2. But when you compare the psp2 to other devices, yes, it will probably be expensive, i say $300 at most though. Sony can't be that pompous this time, like they were with the ps3 at first.