Why Every PC Gamer Needs OnLive

OnLive may seem unnecessary to most PC gamers. It’s a streaming service that offers games at a less-than-perfect resolution, which doesn’t fit into our need for graphical perfection. So why should PC gamers have OnLive installed on their systems?

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AmigoSniped3023d ago

I would consider onlive but my bandwith isnt good enough but I am going to continue following it.

hassi943023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I decided to try it out as I have a pretty good internet speed and 100gb/month usage. It's a lot better than I thought, though I prefer gaming on my PC for proper. Can't hurt to play a little demo or 2 or rent a game for your laptop on a weekend away.

Good useful article :)

pixelsword3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I got a steam account, so I really never considered live; but maybe live isn't so bad after all.

TABSF3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"Why Every PC Gamer Needs OnLive"

Its this a joke or what!!!, please tell me?

I have 259 games now on Steam 99% I can max out at 1920 by 1080 with 8xAA, plus I can play at least 100 in 3D 15 being native 3D.
Also I have all the benefits of PhysX and Cuda.

Online - Batman: Arkham Asylum no PhysX or 3D Vision support
PS3 - Batman: Arkham Asylum no PhysX or 3D Vision support
360 - Batman: Arkham Asylum no PhysX or 3D Vision support

Also these 3 version run at 720P and with only Onlive running more than 0xAA

Only benefit is to rent games I'm not sure of and play demos without downloading.

Here is the real article title Why Every Console Gamer Needs OnLive

eccothedolphin73023d ago

Renting and demos is the whole point of the article. Did you read it, or just respond to the title?

maxcavsm3023d ago

I still don't buy into it. Although I did hear them talk about incorporating into newer televisions or using it in hotels to replace that BS Nintendo 64 they try saddling you with...

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