Killing the beast: taking a monster through multi-monitor 3D

ARS: At E3 and CES you'll often get the chance to play on ridiculous gaming systems, but the multi-monitor, full 3D experience is very much a niche thing. So when Digital Storm gave me the chance to play with one of their 3D systems for a month, I lept at it. Who wouldn't want to live with a screaming, pre-built system for a few weeks? I signed the loaner agreement, and promptly began waiting by the door.

When the system arrived, I had trouble walking the box to the living room to get everything set up. The packaging for the system itself—this is before the three ASUS VG247 3D monitors, mind you—weighed 80 lbs. Some of that was packing material, but not much of it. If you're interested in a LAN party box, this is not your system. Let's take a look at what happens when you put God's own system to work in the harshest conditions gaming can currently offer.

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