First APB-Reloaded Beta Details Emerge

Gamerfirst has posted instructions on how to have a chance to get into the APB-Reloaded closed beta. With promises that the process will be "easy now, tricky later".

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Hitman07692842d ago

Wow, let's all take a deep breath and watch this awesome game fail at marketing again :'(

Don't get me wrong I loved it but this just isn't going to survive.

lucifon2842d ago

I actually want to give this a shot and see what changes have been made, but the thing stopping me is signing up to some crappy f2p company-wide account.

Kingdom Come2842d ago

APB had SO much potential, however I think the game would have been better or equally suited on Consoles. With the GTA franchise such a huge fan-base on Xbox and PS3 the game couldn't have failed. I wish these guy's luck, it cant be easy admitting defeat, but to return with their head held high for a second attempt... thats courageous.

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