Yet another surreal Catherine video is bestowed upon us

Ian Fisher writes: Today we have yet another look at Catherine which could be our final glimpse at the game prior to its February 17th release in Japan. The trailer itself starts off differently compared to our other looks at Catherine as it feature a series of interviews with Japanese couples about relationships and marriage, two things that play a prominent role in Catherine’s narrative. From the slightly awkward interviews the trailer goes into the Catherine that we all know: pure and utter craziness with a dash of walking sheep, giant crazed brides, disturbing monster babies and male anxiety at the hands of commitment.

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FarEastOrient2927d ago

I love crazy Japanese games, its funny just to play them...

I haven't started playing this one since I'm still playing Tales of Graces F on PS3.

Mass Effect 2 Game of the Year ^_^

danielle0072928d ago

I love that Japanese brand of crazy that no one else can pull off.

I have no fucking idea what the heck is going on in that trailer. But, it's amazing, and I'll buy it day 1 when it's released over here.

Tru_Ray2928d ago

Has this game been confirmed for a U.S. release?

jc485732928d ago

Atlus actually wants it out here in the states, so let's hope it does.

I guess this game is about a guy who ends up sleeping with another girl and then he gets caught by his gf. He feels very bad about it that he ends up in a drealm of nightmares. It seems like a pretty interesting puzzle adventure game.

zgoldenlionz2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I'm really intrested in playing this game, i just finished watching Welcome to the N.H.K. the first time i saw a Catherine Trailer and think i could really enjoy this. probably getting this Day 1.

Neckbear2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Welcome to the N.H.K! is awesome, but little it has in relation with Catherine.

Catherine focuses more on the feelings of the main character, such as lust, guilt, and love; his position and point of view on relationships (In fact, the different characters you see throughout the game usually have different points of views regarding this), adding some Jung-esque bullshit Persona Team style, combined with the personification of all throughout deadly dreams.

...Needless to say, I'll be buying this game as soon as it comes to North America. I'd like to test out the Demo by myself, and in english if possible, however.

Oh god, I seriously hope we get a North American confirmation within due time. We could use more games like these over here.

zgoldenlionz2928d ago

ill be totally bummed if this doesnt make it to the states, this is one of those games i dont like to read articles about so when i play it ill get the full experience. by the time Persona 3 came out my ps2 died so i never got to play but i decided im gonna ask a buddy to borrow his system and pick up Persona 3 & 4.

telekineticmantis2928d ago

the game not having english dub, but I watch anime with subtitles all the time soo, I just need to see more gameplay, because this game looks entertaining.

Viper72927d ago

Anime + English dub = *shivers*

Lirky2928d ago

its a shin megami tensei series game maybe with a slight spin-off probably because multiplatform i guess thats why plus atlus smt devs wanted to make a random game for fun.

To get some sells in to maybe make another serious smt game as an exclusive.

jc485732928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

i'm pretty sure the game is a spin off of a spin off.

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