10 Best Kinect Hacks So Far

The greatest thing about Kinect isn’t that it plays cool games. It’s that hackers are going nuts with the device, showing off all the cool things it can do, and putting it on YouTube. Here are the best.

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TheDigitalNinja2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

The Skynet Hunter-Killer will kill us long as we are between 3 to 10 ft from it.

distorted_reality2842d ago

Very cool stuff. I hadn't seen the UAV or mini-car ones.

BryanBegins2842d ago

OK I have a real question: how come some of the hacks can get Kinect to be so accurate as to detect fingers (like the piano), but we don't see that in actual games? Do they use the cpu of some PCs or it's simply a gameplay choice my MS (to make it more casual)?

TheDigitalNinja2842d ago

Most likely the move powerful cpu's.

distorted_reality2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Is more likely a software issue. The hardware itself is fine, I think it comes down to laziness on the part of the devs so far.

edit - I stand corrected by Crankitup.

CrAnKiTuP_012842d ago

MS chose to keep the resolution of Kinect locked at half of what it can actually do. With the PC, this isn't the case because you can simply use the best resolution. The camera can see fingers like you said easier because of the added resolution. The problem with Kinect on 360 though, is that MS would have to unlock the higher resolution by firmware update. That could mean problems to the games already out. I read in a statement from MS though that it's a possibility, but they need to conduct tests.