UNO is $1 Tomorrow Celebrating 40th Anniversary

Paul writes, "UNO is a game that has been around for much longer than you think. Tomorrow (1/11/11) the UNO Retro Card Games as well as iPhone and iPad games from Gameloft will be on sale for just a dollar each. You can pick up UNO video games from the App Store and as far as the actual card games you can get those too from participating retailers. Now all we need is for the PlayStation Network version to be available at that price, that would be a serious celebration sale."

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PirateThom2839d ago

79p for UK version, both PSP and PS3.

Hitman07692839d ago

Hot deal indeed, it's good when companies celebrate with sales!

Lulabarbie2833d ago

I had no'm gonna check to see if by chance they're still at that price!