The "Madden"-ification of Call of Duty

It is bound to happen. Any game series runs the risk of repetitiveness due to building on past successes to develop new success. While mostly prevalent in the sports genre, it has started to creep into various other genres.

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Dart892935d ago

To me cod4 will always be the best it was something we had not seen in any fps.But now with it's yearly release it's gone downhill alot and they can't even afford to have a beta,what a bunch a losers.Plz don't come in here saying oh Black ops is better than cod4.Sure it may have more customization than cod4 but i don't care about customization i prefer to have fun over anything else and that's my two cents.

starcb262934d ago


Sarcasm2934d ago

I have to agree, COD4 is still the best one. It's the most balanced and least ridiculous. MW2 to me is the worst. Black Ops is ok and WaW is forgettable.

Shackdaddy8362934d ago

You forgot the ones before CoD4.

ReservoirDog3162934d ago

CoD4 had 1 problem: the martyrdom perk. That's it. Was near perfect besides that. Especially the singleplayer. By far one of the most important games this gen.

Since then was the colossal train wreck called mw2 (good game but sooooo many terrible design choices that ruined the game) and black ops which is decent fun but no where near as good as CoD4.

All in all, wish we could get back to CoD4's greatness.

CoD2 was pretty sick too.

Rainstorm812934d ago

COD is a fun arcadey/realistic game that everyone runs out and buys for the multiplayer.

Yep like Madden.Innovation wont come until COD falls off its high horse, so we will get incremental updates every year.

Also like madden, millions will run out to get the new iteration no matter how many problems the last had. Sad but true, some games once they reach a certain level of success they will always be highly anticipated.....Even though each one never does "anything new"....that other games get crucified for.

Shackdaddy8362934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Every CoD from CoD4 back was really good(with exception to Finest Hour which was utter crap and probably the worst in the whole franchise). The devs just got lazy after.

r1sh122934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Im with most of you, COD4 will most likely be the best in the series, but I also think that world at war was a very good game [apart from the crazy amount of rapid fire controllers], It was fun, took some skill. I started playing Core but everyone would use the MP40 and Juggernaught, so I moved to hardcore for a little while (it doesnt take skill) but I had to change it up to stop getting frustrated by a game. I even think the maps were fairly well though out, some had spawn shots which were obvious, the others didnt.

Black ops has tried to fix everything that was wrong with MW2, but it has failed at it. The connection bars are not actually felective of what the true connection is, I have had a 4 bar and gooten a crazy amount of hit markers. I have also had a 3 bar and killed people with 1 burst of the M16 from medium range.

I agreed wtih the removal of stopping power and juggy, but they should have either increase the damage multipliers or reduced the health from 100 to 85/90.
Black ops has problems on the both consolses, the xbox version (i didnt buy the ps3 version after all the issues I read about on n4g) JD_2020 quite rudely replied to people comments about the lag compensator system which is in place "deal with it". how does a community manager respond like that?
It looks like they have also become a bit too cocky like IW did, has one many army noob tubes been fixed yet?

WHen black ops is good its a great game, but more often that not it has its own issues.

I have no doubt that killzone 3 will be better than COD, but its more about the gameplay, KillZone 2 had a fairly clunky (IMO), I didnt like the Aim down Sight toggle. Hopefully its been fixed, and improved because it was a good game. Also addition of MOVE, im not liking that.
Hopefully they dont dumb the game down for move

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49erguy2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

When you're "on top" you have nowhere to go but down. Its only natural for this to happen unless they reinvent the genre again.

EDIT: COD is not my fav, but come on. Its the most successful FPS of all time commercially as well as critically. I'm a Killzone person BTW

colonel1792934d ago

I'm not a fan of FPS, but I would like that Killzone gets the commercial success it deserves. Maybe not as much as COD or Halo, but at least like Uncharted 2.

I played K2 and I was really impressed, and Killzone 3 is improving too much from K2. Is getting a better single player, they have added Co-op as it was requested, the story looks way better, and the multplayer is getting an improvement too.

shadowknight2032934d ago

ill admit i liked mw2 much more than the first. However I absolutely hatered the .05ms lag lol. like i would be getting shot then i go hide behind an unpenatrable wall and i die. killcam: i just stood there basically did nothing. and i know thats online for ya but idk...i just dont have that problem with other online games like warhawk or resistance 1..

Close_Second2934d ago

COD is a dead franchise for me now. COD4 set a benchmark than no other COD game has passed. However, at least the games are getting shorter and more expensive :S

aviator1892934d ago

I'm over CoD now. I just don't care about it's still fun in short bursts though.

MidnytRain2934d ago

In regards to the MW2 video on the web page, wouldn't it be great if people actually played like that? *Sigh*

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