Go! Gaming Giant: Heathcliff! Frantic Foto Review

From the review:

"Brought to us by the same folks who made the similar Foto Frenzy: Spot The Difference, Frantic Foto is a spot-the-differences game using over 120 of Heathcliff’s weekday newspaper comic panels. Many of them are in their original black-and-white form, but there are also quite a few that have been colored for a bit of variety. As you would surely expect from a game of this nature, you are tasked with comparing near-identical images and spotting five differences."

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Rah5er03024d ago

Man, Heathcliff - I remember that cartoon! I think it's cool there's a game for that old cat.

RaymondM3023d ago

ah heathcliff; the poor man's garfield.