Kinect Gets Competition, 4+ Player 3D Motion Detector Debuted at CES

Paul writes, "Kinect has become the fastest selling video game peripheral of all time. One of the major criticisms gamers have placed upon the device is the fact that full game-play is typically done with 2 players, with only small features being added for more players than that. Breakthroughs from Omek today bring forth the possibility for a platform to use more developer-friendly 4 player support or more in 3D motion detection solutions such as the Kinect. This has been researched and developed to work on the new Intel Core processor tree which leads it to a high compatibility with future mainstream devices. Check out the full press release..."

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SMOK3xFFx2890d ago

Competition is good, this will light a fire under Microsoft.

Hitman07692890d ago

I agree, although I wish this device already had a few games for it, a set platform to launch on, and some good marketing behind it so people actually know it exists outside of the hardcore gamers.

ABizzel12890d ago

Personally I'm not sold on motion controls yet. I think it works and it's fun with some games. The Wii did a great by opening people up to them, but MS and Sony have a lot to prove by showing us what can be done beyond the Wii, and why it's important to all gamers.

darthv722890d ago

No matter if the new one is better or not. There have been many consoles that have been superior to their competition (colecovision, 3do, jag) and yet they struggle with the popular one remaining in the lead.

Like trying to overthrow the ipod or iphone. To many, it doesnt matter if android or wp7 are better...they arent the iphone. People become more fixated on the hype to see if there is a viable alternative. In many cases, the alternative is better but sadly, doesnt go anywhere.

Active Reload2890d ago

"Competition is good, this will light a fire under Microsoft."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

darthv722890d ago

it isnt really a competitor to kinect. It is in the vein of 3d motion control but when you look at the aspect of game selection, I see this like those knock off game devices parents buy their kids.

Like paper jamz as an alternative to guitar hero. A valiant effort none the less.

Loner2890d ago ShowReplies(2)
tdogg060519912890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Nice this is what Microsoft should of made to begin with.

artsaber2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Kinect isn't selling well because it is a miracle device. It is selling because it has been advertised extremely well. It has a name branding campaign that is a marketing dream. Kinect also has a few games that work very well with the device: Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, and Dance Central (I don't know of any other titles that work this well)... and for those games I've mentioned, Kinect is FUN. It is not meant to be taken so seriously to be the next "Minority Report". It is what it is, and when developers put in the work, Kinect can be the device it simply needs to be - working and fun.

I am all for innovation and competition, but good luck getting the average consumer to buy something that isn't advertised to death and programmed them into buying. Usually when a device isn't affiliated with one of the majors, it could be another YooStar.

Chances are, people will refer to this new device as, "Hey, have you seen the new Kinect?" That is, if they ever encounter it personally. Maybe Microsoft will buy them out and brand this as Kinect2 and release it with the 720.

dkblackhawk502890d ago

Competition makes the future devices better.

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