PS3 2011 Preview: 20 Exclusive Games

Nearly every major PlayStation series is making an appearance in 2011 — even Kratos is in on the action with his guest turn in the new Mortal Kombat. Add third-party publisher PS3 exclusives and upcoming PSN games and upcoming PlayStation Move games and you’ve got a 2011 that’s jam-packed with PS3-exclusive titles.

Here’s an updated list of 20 games you’ll only play on PS3 in 2011, using the latest publicly available information. Of course, schedules can shift and plans can change — as always, we’ll keep you posted. For the moment, though, this is where we stand for 2011.

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nix2891d ago

well... that's nearly 2 games per month. like WOW!

Persistantthug2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Astounding list of games.

Edit...and before anyone says it...NI NO KUNI is not a PS3 exclusive because it's coming out to the DS.

DigitalRaptor2891d ago


So why do the PS3 and DS versions of Ni no Kuni have different names? It turns out that they may end up being different games, outside of just the obvious visual differences. Level-5 says the while the two games will have stores set on the "same axle," they're being made separately from scratch and will have different data, specifications and story developments.

TheLastGuardian2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Without even buying any multiplatform games, I could spend all of 2011 just playing PS3 exclusives. It seems like there is a sequel coming out for almost every big PS3 franchise. There’s only 6 games on that list that I don’t plan on buying.

All the others I’ll hopefully buy day 1 if I can afford to. I also want alot of multiplatform games, a PS phone and PSP2 if they release in 2011 and a Sony 3DTV. Looks like most of my money will be going to Sony as usual.

NewMonday2891d ago

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

It’s a long time since we got an old fashioned JRPG.

colonel1792891d ago

Noticed Final Fantasy Versus XIII is missing... That could only mean two things:

1) Is not coming 2011
2) Is not exclusive anymore

Which is it?


ksense2891d ago

it could also mean the release date has not been announced and hence not mentioned. even for the last guardian they said holiday 2011 and so it made it to the list. this is from the article

"Here’s an updated list of 20 games you’ll only play on PS3 in 2011, using the latest publicly available information."

WesMcLaren2891d ago

They must've wanted the article to have an even 20 games.

Lord Gunchrote2891d ago

PS3 is gonna be set this year. Can't wait for Killzone 3 and Crysis 2.

remanutd552891d ago

im getting 16 out of those 20 games , but i seriously think The Last Guardian will be delayed to 2012 but who knows maybe we are lucky and get it this year lol

S1nnerman2891d ago

That's a lot of games. There's no time to play these and multi-platform games too (not to mention cost). It's a good complaint to have though :)

DanSolo2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

A mate of mine who has a 360 is thinking about getting a PS3 soon and I said to him I think he is definately choosing the perfect time to get one.

There are loads of quality games coming out and the PS3 is pushing ahead of 360 in terms of quality and quantity, plus there are a shitload of old good games to pick up cheap.

I do not say any of that as a fanboy as I think that mentality is fucking stupid, I just think it is a case of how things are.
2 years ago 360 was the best console, last year PS3 did better, now PS3 is pulling away quite rapidly. Except for Live being set up a little better and having a few extra features I think the PS3 has pretty much taken the lead and will only keep pulling away now!

fucadastates2891d ago

well you have a point. i just think you need to go 3 years back, for the xbox360 to be the best console..

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The story is too old to be commented.