What will make the PSP 2 and 3DS compete against the iPhone?

The iPhone and other smart phones are taking the handheld market by storm. Nothing beats affordable and easily accessible games. The 3DS and the PSP 2 have their work cut out for them. Its going to take more then 2 analog sticks and gimmicky 3D technology to push back the iPhone. Nintendo and Sony need to consider Wi-Fi options, cheap games, and easy of use if they stand a chance of taking back the handheld market

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ElementX2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Um.... buttons? Games larger than say 50mb? Support from every major publisher and developer?

gumgum992837d ago

Quick answer: no. Its a Phone!

hennessey862836d ago

is a phione not a gaming machine. The games are lesser versions of the console games they are based on.