UK PS3 CHART: Gran Turismo 5 holds off FIFA

Although EA's FIFA 11 has successfully topped the UK All Formats and Xbox 360 chart, Gran Turismo 5 manages to stay ahead of the offense and holds onto the top spot on this week's UKIE/GfK-ChartTrack PS3 chart.

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Joni-Ice3027d ago

Good Job PD! The game is AWESOME. I still cant believe that some guy had a gripe with the game saying the Trees looked fake. LOL...just wow!

wu-stix3027d ago

Yet no one complains about the trees in COD that are just garbage especially when you run through them and you see the planes.

spektical3027d ago

GT5 is just raking in the sales.. wat is it now 6million?

IRetrouk3027d ago

around that, and that just 2 months.

supremacy3027d ago

Believe it, but believe me some people on here will debate that.

k-dillinger3027d ago

it just might be closer to 7 million Sony said it sold 5.5 million in 2weeks that was last month.

siyrobbo3027d ago

5.5 million was shipped not sold

i expect the title to be sonys biggest game this gen, GT games have legs. As soon as sales start to slow expect sony to bundle it with every PS3 (at least in europe)

I expect it to stay in the top 40 for a while

SoapShoes3027d ago

So? The figures for GT1 through GT4 all go by the same standard that GT5 is. That 14 million for GT3 is shipped as well, every figure for games is shipped.

IRetrouk3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

nah more will be shipped than that, believe, this game will do over 10 mill lifetime, i think its gonna be the biggest selling gt yet. which is what? 13, 14 mill?

supremacy3027d ago

The thing here is I would be incline to agree with you with this assesment. Howevery ever since the game launched its stayed number one in erupean charts, holding off and fending off newer releases. So I believe these numbers have a merit, specially since the game came out on christmas you can say.

King-Leonidas3027d ago

cant wait for some xbot to say ``nah brah itz shipped numbaaaas reetard´´

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Close_Second3027d ago

I have stopped playing GT5 for a while. I need to save up for a proper driving wheel as the standard controller just does not give me the degree of control I require.

They also need to fix multiplayer, throw in some matchmaking and better game searches. Its silly how they group Europe and Australia in a single search, they're like opposite sides of the globe!

Shadow Flare3027d ago

Just FYI that steering wheels take a little time to get fully used to. When I got mine I was worried I'd never get to grips with it. But now I love it, and the driving experience with a wheel is far more realistic. Not necessarily easier but more realistic, and more enjoyable

Close_Second3027d ago

I have tried a couple out and agree, takes time to get acustomed to it however, a find good wheel is the only way of getting the degree of steering accuracy, braking and acceleration needed to really compete.

wu-stix3027d ago

The tight turns are much easier with the wheel because of the 900 degrees of rotation. The two experiences are totally different to the point where I would say if you don't have a wheel you are missing out.

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Inzo3027d ago

GT5 keeping Fifa 11 off the No.1 spot in the UK? not many games will be able to pull that off.

guigsy3027d ago

Only on the PS3 chart, FIFA is top of the all format chart.

SoapShoes3027d ago

FIFA sells better on PS3 anyway. FIFA is only ahead because it combines PS3/360.

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