Gran Turismo 5 – Themed Photo Competition Top 5

PS Blog EU: Last year we asked you to submit some snowy photos from Gran Turismo 5 in our Themed Photo Competition. What we did not expect was an absolute avalanche of incredible pics!

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Tommykrem2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

GT5 looks insanely realistic.
Why can't real life be this realistic?

velocitygamer2839d ago

Real life got owned on the 23rd November 2010


never_waste_a_bullet2839d ago

whenever I take photos in the snow, the snow makes jagged edges around the car... why aren't those edges in these pics?

Kon2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

They must have used some program like PS to fix the jaggies.

velocitygamer2839d ago

You can see jaggies. Look closer at pic 3 and 4. The bottom of the bumper is really jaggy. The rest, the background is blurred out so you can't really see it.

claterz2839d ago

You need to put focus on the car, that should get rid of any jagged edges.

DERKADER2839d ago

Will I get flamed if I say I wish game play looked like Photo mode?

Raendom2839d ago

You'll get flamed for asking "will I get flamed".

ShinMaster2839d ago

You mean Photo Travel? Yes I wished it looked that awesome too.
Photo/replay looks just as good as gameplay.

ilikestuff2839d ago

it does look like photo mode. maybe slightly off but just slightly. and now to "flame" you.... grrrr go play xbox before i pwn you! you jizz stained noob! (im kidding about the flaming part)

Godmars2902839d ago

Its just that I know I have to get a steering wheel to play it.

Redempteur2839d ago

you don't can some very cool sensation with a dualshock ...

nothing will beat the feeling of a wheel , of course BUT the game is very pleaseant with rumble and and analog acceleration ( that's how i play )

UCMEandICU2839d ago

you don't need a bloody wheel. Yeesh I don't know where this wheel rubbish become so important. Just play it with a control pad like 95% of GT fans play it.

Don't put unnecessary crap in your way of not enjoying this master piece.

2839d ago
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