10 Most Dissapointing DS Games Since Launch

"Nintendo’s handheld system has been home to many incredible titles, including some that pushed the boundaries of genres and paved the way for touchscreen gaming. On the flipside, many of the system’s most promising games ultimately failed to live up to expectations and left us feeling a disappointed, underwhelmed, and possibly a little cheated." - GameZone

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AceofStaves2927d ago

I really enjoyed 'Hotel Dusk.' It made me nostalgic for the point-and-click PC adventure games of the 90's.

Dac2u2927d ago

Same here, I really enjoyed that game. The story was good and I loved the film noire style.

Mac is OK2927d ago

Scribblenauts never lived up to the hype for me, I didn't quite get all the praise to The World Ends With You either.

Stealth20k2927d ago

i guess super scribblenauts getting critical acclaim everywhere was bad huh? stupid article

alee2927d ago

If I get a DS, this list might be useful for things to mostly avoid.

Neckbear2927d ago

Both Hotel Dusk and Super Scribblenauts are fantastic.

Active Reload2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The DS has a sh*tload of great games, albeit, it does have its underwhelming ones also, most being in the form of shovelware. You'd definitely go broke picking up the good games on the system, but you wouldn't do your DS justice by avoiding most of those games.

Kingdom Come2927d ago

Hotel Dusk is to date my favourite DS title and is a fantastic game. Its Sequel is also and incredible thought-provoking hand-held title. Both games grip you, I was unable to stop playing both until completion.

crillinFLIP3372927d ago

Hotel Dusk had a sequel???? How did I miss this... Title please?

Kingdom Come2927d ago

"Last Window: The Secret of Cape West", I hope you enjoy it, its a fantastic game. Its a shame the Developers (Cing) filed for Bankruptcy, they knew how to make such great games...

Krimmson2927d ago

The reason why you probably didn't know that Hotel Dusk had a sequel (called "Last Window") is because it was never released in USA. Only in Japan and Europe.

Sadly, Cing went bankrupt and we'll most likely never get another Kyle Hyde story after Last Window.

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The story is too old to be commented.