More Xperia Play photos leaked

Few days ago we got SE Xperia Play (a.k.a. PSPhone) leaked photos from Chinese webpage IT168, now another Chinese site published new photos of PSPhone.

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MGRogue20173021d ago

Naaah... I'll wait for PSP 2. :)

FinalSpartan3021d ago

PSP2. This PSPhone looks soooo ugly.

Christopher3021d ago

That thing is ridiculously thin for a slide screen.

Stealth20k3021d ago

At least they stopped calling it a playstation phone.

Snake-eater3021d ago

its looks quite slick and solid typical sony product,

DelbertGrady3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

If those two round things aren't some kind of dual analogue controllers it's bound to fail.

@cgoodno - Ok. Sounds good then. I know that adding sticks wouldn't make sense, but if they work as some kind of control surfaces that would be cool. The lack of a decent control surface is the biggest flaw when gaming on the iPhone and other smart phones.

Christopher3021d ago

They're touch-sensitive spots that could be used for touch-screen analog sticks or similar screen actions across the whole center section. Adding analog sticks to a system like this wouldn't work.

Analog sticks on a phone that would be used for gaming would only result in bulky phones and quickly broken analog nubs.

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