Is Uncharted overrated?

Opinion: CVG's Tom Pakinkis needs reassuring...

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redwolf2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

No it isn't

in comparison the first game of the series was underated

kneon2838d ago

It's not overrated. Every time I go back and play it I'm shocked how good it looks and how fun it is compared to everything else.

Apparently a couple other people like it as well, if you look at the top of this page you'll see Uncharted 3 has it's own tab.

irepbtown2838d ago

Even if it was good (I agree, it was), it was still underrated. Just because a game is good doesn't mean it isn't underrated.

zootang2838d ago

A game every gamer should play!

gta28002838d ago

One of my favorite games this gen. If anything after all the awards it got it's still underrated lol. Needs like a Nobel Prize or something :P

inveni02838d ago

This type of article is just flamebait. They take the most award winning game of this generation (or in the last 10 years) and say, "Is it overrated?" Obviously not. Games don't get that many awards for no reason.

I will say this: When Uncharted was first announced, I thought it looked really stupid. Then, the demo came out and I played the death out of it. I was sold on the series since the very first demo. That's not overrated...that's opinion. It's apparently the opinion of millions of people.

ShinMaster2838d ago

OMG again CVG!?
Here, have some hits! But seriously, stop writing such bullshit articles.

ExplosionSauce2838d ago

The Uncharted series still needs more recognition.

Most of us know about it and have played it, but a lot of people out there are clueless.

Kleptic2838d ago

the argument brought up about how Uncharted could be 'overrated' is simple filler that can be, and has been, applied to any great game title...

the writer's friend uses an age old stance of stating that other games do certain parts of Uncharted 2 just as well...ME 2 had 'just as memorable characters', Assasin's Creed II had 'just as pretty vistas', etc...

thats fine...and its a rail roading tactic that can't really be countered, as the writer points out...the point though is that no game yet has combined all these aspects of game production into one title...and THAT is where uncharted, particularly Uncharted 2, is so far ahead of the curve...

but people will always have opinions that don't necessarily fit the masses...there is nothing wrong with that...but if this writer is starting to question how much he likes uncharted 2, because some dude told him that other games do some parts of it just as well...then he is missing the overall point...when you can find all the best and modern aspects of gaming in one single have a winner...right now...Uncharted 2 is universally that...doesn't mean you have to like it, but you can't ignore it...

DualConsoleOwner2838d ago

and pressing disagrees...

i love the failed attempt by XBOXPS3ANDPC and Loner.

or r they same person??

Retro_Zombie2838d ago

Hell no. But it's cute that you think so.

Jezuz2838d ago

Xbox fanboys here? Where anyone who said that Uncharted is overrated will get disagreed and lose some bubbles? Yeah, you're right Xbox fanboys are doing all these.

vickers5002838d ago

Uncharted 1 was definitely underrated.

Uncharted 2 was definitely overratedd.

TheLastGuardian2838d ago

No way. Uncharted is not overrated. It gets all the praise because it's one of the greatest games of all time. Uncharted does so many things right. What else could you want in a video game.

IcarusOne2838d ago

Nicely written article, and honest, too. The UC series is one of the most overrated of this gen. Halo and Gears also share the podium with it, in no particular order.

There's more inspiration and innovation in 1 hour of a game like Red Dead and Mass Effect than in the entirety of UC. All it is is beautiful. Outside of the look and sound, there is absolutely nothing new or innovative about it.

Dysmorphic2837d ago

Have to agree with vickers500 here. Drake's Fortune - underrated. Among Thieves - overrated (but not by much). Uncharted 2 is still one of my favourite games this gen, just behind Resistance: FoM, MotorStorm and the original Uncharted.

Kurt Russell2837d ago

The Uncharted series are some of the best games on the playstation. I am not particularly devoted to the console itself, but those games play incredibly well and look amazing!

catguykyou2837d ago

I wasn't crazy about the first one. The story was good and the characters were great. Game wise it was average.
The second one was fantastic though I didn't feel like it did anything that wasn't done already. They continued with the great graphics, story, and characters. While the game play was improved, it still felt linear and very scripted. Still amazing experience. I think the games are over rated for certain aspects and under rated in others.

sikbeta2837d ago

Tom Pakinkis, your mom is overrated, hahaha, sorry son, I have to do it XD

Uncharted Freaking ROCKS!

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UnwanteDreamz2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

I hate it when, to make a point, people over simplify. Name the greatest game you ever played and I can, using this ignorant techinque, make that game sound meh.

It is stupid fanboy sh*t that only seeks to change a persons mind. No Uncharted is not overrated.

Uncharted 2 is a 3rd person shooter with climbing and a cover system.

Halo is a shooter with lots of community features.

GT5 is a driving game with lots of cars.

Red Dead Redemtion was GTA on horses.

Mass Effect 2 is a 3rdPS with RPG elements.

KZ2 is a pretty corridor shooter.

See how stupid that all sounds? The statements may be true but they really don't do any of these games justice huh?

Darth_Bane792838d ago

Very well said dude!! bubbles +

Dark General2838d ago

The greatest game I ever played was Deus Ex: The conspiracy. I'd love to hear you try and simplify that game.

mantisimo2838d ago

@ Dark general

It was a game about conspiracy x

TheLastGuardian2838d ago

I hate when people say RDR is GTA on horses. No the fuck it isn't. I've played every GTA game ever and RDR is way different.

milohighclub2837d ago


it was though.....dont get me wrong i loved the game but even the controls felt like gta.

Tru_Ray2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Very good point. This article is pretty much useless in its suggestion that Uncharted 3 is overrated based upon the fact that there are other great games in other genres. I am having a hard time seeing as how the existence of other great games somehow diminishes the greatness of Uncharted 2. It is pretty much a consensus at this point that U2 is one of the best examples of interactive storytelling in video game history. Its release was a watershed moment for our industry.

Bu-bu-bu-bu my friend identify two other games that are cool, too. I feel insecure about my opinion now.

Dumbest article ever.

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Vherostar2838d ago

Its under rated if anything as not enough people buy copies compared to other big hitters like Halo etc..

Jazz41082837d ago

I enjoyed the uncharted series as much as most good games. Its by far the best game on the ps3 but its not even close to neing the best game ever. A pretty tomb raider is what it reminds me of and its very well done and well written. I have nothing negative to say about the uncharted series.

the_manson_charles2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Uncharted is not overrated but underated.

Uncharted have Lackluster sales.. has sold below over a 3 millions copies world wide.

anyway,It really doesn’t change how fantastic the game is. However, it could affect future Uncharted 3..

N4g_null2838d ago

So would the other 45 million ps3 owners says it over rated, I mean it's not high enough up on there list to buy it. Hey I like r type. It was clearly over rated to other gamers and it didn't sell.

You can do every thing right and miss the things people actually want crysis had the same problem on the pc. It just wasn't fun a lot of time.

TheBand1t2838d ago

Uncharted 2 did about 3-4 million bro

zeddy2838d ago

as a game no as a product maybe because it doesnt sell as much as its hyped, 3-4 mil isnt bad but the amount of attention the series gets you'd think it'd be up there with halo.

duplissi2838d ago

the series gets as much attention as it does because of its super high quality, not sales.

Chucky20032837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

But look what crowd Halo games gather,go online and play and you will only hear irritating voices and cursing and other shit from 13-15 years old kids,not saying its full of them but 80% of them are kids that play Halo,now play Uncharted 2 online and you will see its the other way around 80% are guys form 18-20 up,PS3 has a more mature audience than 360,that is why the exclusive sales have such a gap between them,that is why a game like Heavy Rain did great for a new IP with a new type of gameplay that most called QTE and a more mature story,then look how a new IP like Alan Wake did on 360-terrible for a 5 years game development

peowpeow2837d ago

Sure they have a higher average age, but more mature my ass. Sorry but 3/5 games I've played have some race of people screaming "YOU MUZZAA!!!" and more all over the damn mic, and lag all over the place like a mofo (that's not due to immaturity but still lessens experience lol)

Chucky20032837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

peowpeow-lol,well i didn't express myself that great,so because of the higher age that owners of the PS3 have the taste in games are different,so some of them like myselfs are going for a story driven game,where the story is good and the characters are likable,i mean you can say Drake is this generation Indiana Jones,so the game is not overrated but yeah your right,being more mature doesn't seem to show while playing online,lol,"YOU MUZZAA!!!"

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gta28002838d ago

I don't think I'd call it the underrated. I'd call it an envious title. What do I mean by envious? just look at how many people talk about this game? PS3 players praise it and the 360 community can't seem to stop talking about this game...even after over a year? because it's overrated? I think not more like because they wish their console had this game lol. Stop with the jealousy. Maybe your console might get some poor mans Uncharted some day lol.

EyeContact2837d ago

@ wu-stix you made me lol. bubble+

thats_just_prime2838d ago

is unplayable overrated ? thats like asking is the sky blue

dontbhatin2837d ago

why is the sky blue? Cause god loves the infantry!!!!

NateCole2838d ago

True. Alot of people still don't know Uncharted. Even AC is way more popular.

The author though is really an idiot.

So because an action adventure game is linear its overrated?.

Then he went on to compare it to an RPG??!.

This guy really is all over the place.

Uncharted in an action adventure game period. Its not suppose to be open ended with multiple endings etc etc. That would be just stupid. Uncharted received the highest number of awards because it takes established base gaming formula and polish it to insanely high levels.

Uncharted is not praised because it is revolutionary like say a game like ICO. No. When people talk about Uncharted for inspiration they talk about things like graphics, animation, voice acting, technology like water or snow effects, production values etc, etc. Uncharted is just the perfect storm of all of the sums put together and why people are saying its the pinnacle of gaming dev atm and why it has won more gaming awards than any other game in history so far.

I really do feel sad for these haters.

Dark General2838d ago

I got to say. In comparison to the first Uncharted Among Thieves is a bit over rated. The story is standard Hollywood cliche material, theres many of scripted events and the characters doesn't feel quite as compelling in comparison to Drakes Fortune. However as far as gameplay is concerned it definitely deserves the acclaim it gets but as the "complete package". I think UC2 falls a bit short of that moniker but I wouldn't call the franchise over rated since the firsts game nailed the story, characters & immersion while the UC2 nailed gameplay.

If the third game is to have the best of the first game with the best of the 2nd game it would have no faults at all.

xCaptainAmazing2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Overrated? Certainly not. Best franchise ever? Certainly not. When the series is over, people will remember it fondly, but it simply won't have the staying power as a lot of classic Nintendo titles, etc. Not like that's anything to be ashamed of, Naughty Dog did a fantastic job of making third person action games relevant again.

mantisimo2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

@ xCaptain

It will always be talked about and have the staying power far and away above your (Link avatar) nintendo classics.

The wii is boring and you are stuck in the 80's clinging to Mario and Donkey Kong. I havent bought a wii game since Galaxy 2 and that IS overrated.

Move with the times and play the next gen games for goodness sake. When was a nintendo game last crowned as game of the year?

xCaptainAmazing2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

I hate the Wii, it's trash, but thinking uncharted will be talked about for the next 15-20 years is foolish. It's a great game at a time the industry sorely needed something like it. I have many new favourite games from this generation that I will take to the grave, but nothing that will likely be talked about for decades.

Acknowledging Nintendo classics is mandatory, and if you don't agree, you haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about.

Games with staying power are ones that jump from generation to generation timelessly (Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear, Sonic, etc). I haven't seen Uncharted do this yet (and it probably won't), but it is still superb. I don't know what we're arguing about here.

EDIT: For the record, why does thinking Zelda is one of the best franchises I've ever played on any console make me have a lesser opinion? I haven't even owned a Nintendo console since the N64, and I still stand by my decision. If I listed off my favourite titles this gen, I'm sure 90% of them would be the same as yours.

EyeContact2837d ago

i agree, Nathan drake isnt the mascot type. he's just a normal type dude compared to snake. and certainly not as iconic as sonic.

But everyone will remember Uncharted will be the game that did everything right.

xCaptainAmazing2837d ago

This I agree with. It certainly did do everything right.

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Zydake2838d ago

I see overrated as something way too hyped up and ending up by not delivering. So by saying Uncharted is overrated is blasphemy. A game that is overrated IMHO is Alan Wake. And in the words of an Xbox Fanboy.

Oops did I do that.

Rikitatsu2838d ago

Anyone who said its Overrated got his comment removed.


pain777pas2838d ago

You're right redwolf. If anything this series should be played by all developers. People may not realize that the first game holds up too well to this day. Why should it be played by all developers other than the Biowares, Bethesdas and Rockstars with the other Sony jugernaughts like Insomniac, Media Molecule etc...? The story telling. The games are just really good stories to play and follow. You will not put the games down if you like a single player experience that will get you to like even love the characters in the game. Elena, Sully and Mr. Drake are fantastic in the first game. I don't know any game at the time when it was released that could really not let you put down the controller because you wanted to see what happens next. The ending of the games were human and made you want to play another game with these characters. The second started and finished with pure win. Epic adventure that I have played about 3 times so far. Played the original about 4 times or so on different difficulty. Everything comes together in this series without any real sacrifices. You just get a high quality experience from beginning to end. I love this series the most in that I know I will not regret getting this serie' games day one. I can only say that about a few series like Mario, MGS, Zelda, GT, GTA, Halo, Elder Scrolls, GOW, GEOW and ME this gen. If Bioshock 2 wasn't released and the next game was Infinite I'd put that series there too. Dragon Age may end up there depending on what Bioware can release. I truly believe that the Uncharted series is the culmination of the gaming medium with a controller and no motion control to date. I think that from Mario to Zelda to Halo to GOW to GEOW to ME have influenced this game and made the game a high production with amazing dialogue and believeable characters. I urge games to take a look at Uncharted 1 so that they can be surprised at its brilliance and was overlooked because of the all important multiplayer. In honesty you're going to like it if you got a little love for old school single player games. It is a classic and a great way to flesh out the relationship between Elena, Drake and Sully. I suppose that Elena will make a cameo in the next game at least once so this is a fan service game from what I've read. I hope that Chloe makes a return in a turban disguise in a desert city. I cannot wait for U3. This year as of next week with LBP2 and ME2 is a good time for gamers. Pick up U1 in preparation for U3 which will tie up some loose ends on the Sully and Drake side of things. I know this is long but I felt I had to get this off my chest and I feel relieved if even one of you pick up U1 and enjoy it for what it is; a really polished single player game.

Buho2837d ago

The Uncharted series is NOT overrated. The Halo series IS overrated. If anything the Uncharted series is underrated. Look at all the disagrees you get for calling Uncharted a great game. You Xbox fanboys are the cancer of the gaming community. Many people don't even know about the Uncharted series, or haven't even played an Uncharted game yet.

starchild2837d ago

Uncharted IS a great franchise, but YOU are a hypocrite. You say Uncharted is not overrated and Halo is overrated. Then you have the audacity to claim Xbox fanboys are the cancer of the gaming community. Nope, that title belongs to the likes of you.

Celeras2837d ago

It's a fun game for sure. But anything with a 6-8 hour campaign doesn't deserve anywhere near the praise that Uncharted gets. To a lot of people, that's barely scratching the surface of potential.

DigitalAnalog2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

However, the perception seems to stem at gaming's "weaknesses" rather than "overrating" factor of Uncharted itself. At this point, reviewers can simply get away with their reviews by stubbornly clinging to the side where a certain game doesn't look their best.

While this may cause some controversy amongst readers, it's always the opinions and facts that is constantly running to their faces. For instance: "XXX game/sequel is just more of running/shooting/platforming, etc". A really good excuse to give underwhelming scores (and also a dirty one as well).

That's why I try to look at points where the game is at it's strongest: Better graphics/sound/level design - though it could be classified under "more of the same with a shiny new coat of paint". You have to agree at this point there's really not much you can do for sequels - unless of course you want to change the whole IP formula in itself.

This is why games like ICO and SoTC can easily standout amongst the rest. It can be argued that they relate in someway as a prequel/sequel yet the gameplay elements are far too contrast to warrant the same criticisms the article itself is trying to make.

But does this mean Uncharted is "overrated"? Let's look at history right here: Before Killzone 2, a lot of people tend to oversee Uncharted despite selling a few million copies. Up until Uncharted 2, the franchise was basically in the shadows. The enormous jump between two games (from practically awardless to being the most AWARDED game of all time) has proven that there is a working formula (which was severely overlooked) that managed to capture the attention of gamers/gaming media everywhere.

Whether they think Uncharted is an overrated franchise is up to their opinion. But I'd like to ask where the hell where they when the original Uncharted was released? That's something they've got to think about.

-End of Line

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2838d ago

Its A Scripted Shooter, Nothing Special & Visuals Are Nothing Amazing, Crysis Is Soon To Be 4 Years Old & Is Beautiful & Metro 2033 Is :O

zootang2838d ago

Wow, definitely never played the game!

kneon2838d ago

My NVidia 580 should arrive today and I'll crank up Crysis in my new i7 950. Will it look great, sure it will. Will it still be boring, you bet.

UnwanteDreamz2838d ago

I love it when they pretend that Crysis was a great game. Looked great but like everyone has said that was about it. Hell if it weren't for the mod community on PC it would have been dead long ago.

DeathMetal14742838d ago

that's what crysis has good reviews LOL IT's a great game just takes imagination to play unlike your force fed linear games. Obviously you never played it. On Topic Uncharted is a fantastic game, nothing new or innovative but as a package it is extremely polished.

Angels37852837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Since when is a game based on graphics alone? NEVER. The game is fun and you sir have never played it. Look at my comment history if you like and you will see I have never made a negative gesture towards the ps3. Crysis is an excellent game. I do prefer my ps3 tho due to more game to my liking. If crysis would have been dead a long time ago, then why are they making a second game? It must have been good enough for enough people to buy it for the devs to even consider a sequel. You will have to bare with me cuz this is like trying to explain why uncharted 2 is great to an xbot, but I hate the stereotype people put on game that just becuz it has good graphics its bad everywhere else. Bots try that on uncharted 2 and everyone without a pc does it to crysis.In short look up crysis' last missions. they are great. Plus I'm still playing crysis as much as I still play uncharted, its that damn good!!! PLus I have no mods for crysis. So before you hate at least try or look up the game u gonna bash

mastiffchild2838d ago

You knock it for being scripted(as if that's an insult-I prefer a decent paced game to open world trawlathons myself.Mario,Zeld, COD4, MGseries,SCseries and so on and on. You're argument is ridiculous and we need games from totally linear to almost completely user defined in the gaming world)and then praise Crysis which was a limited freedom and an AWFUL story. In fact it's the poster boy for being pretty and little else-and I quite liked it.

A lot of good games get accused of being overrated but in the main they earned their praise and Uncharted fits this better than most after the first game was, if anything, played down rather than hyped up.

Uncharted's biggest strength is it's mix of satisfying gameplay styles which, like MGS4, allow you to take on the linear levels in a variety of ways-sneaking, full frontal/all guns blazing or a blend of the two at any point in between. Then there's puzzles and the way better than average characterisation, script and acting.

So, though you're a multi account troll, it's still worth telling you that your trolling falls down because a game is just sometimes good-and this is one of those times. There's never been a massive ad push for an Uncharted game and to build a player base the size it has without Gears type exposure is surely a sign of quality. All those GOTY awards prolly say something too-but, naturally, nothing LIKE as much as your opinion based on hating Sony. And not having played the games.

What are you compensating for with the caps anyway?

zgoldenlionz2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

UC2 was a great game, my wife would make me wait till she got off work so she could watch me play it. the controls were solid graphics were very nice, and the story was great but what made it special were all the little things like Nate protecting his face from the heat of a fire while walking by or the seen when the helicopter shoots the building your in and the whole building starts to lean and crash into the building across the street and all the funiture starts sliding and soldiers start tumbling its so cinematic right in the middle of game play and theres tons of moments like that.

Inside_out2838d ago

Uncharted doesn't have an ounce of originality other than it's title. As a matter of fact change Nathan Drake's name to Indiana Jones and everything else can stay the same. The cover system, right down to flipping the tables comes courtesy of Gears, Platforming from the far superior Prince of Persia franchise. The gun play mechanic, if you could call it that is broken. Bad AI and shoot the same guys over and over and Uncharted is average at best.

Uncharted, for all of it's award is not even close to being the highest selling franchise on the's actually a multi-plat that's at the top.

As for the's all smoke and mirrors no different than the movie's it copies like this...

Not only does it play like a movie, most of it is. It's all pre-rendered...actually ND refers to it as " simulations ". Whatever you want to call it, Uncharted 1 had 80 simulations while Uncharted 2 had 564...O_o...their numbers, not mine. Every time you jumped any where or opened a door, it triggered some movie clip. The physics for part 2 were handled by Havok after the inadequate first game and ND actually hired the platforming guru from the superior platforming game Tomb raider to " help " them with part 3...they know they need it. Here's what Uncharted 3 is gonna look like...

The multi-player is a non-factor and will never reach the lofty heights of Halo, COD or Gears.

As for all the awards...have a vote tomorrow among the people who ACTUALLY pay and play their games...Uncharted wouldn't win anything. MW 2 was the GOTY in '09...the sales point that out loud and clear.

It sits on a pedestal because it's what the gaming industry wants to promote as a clean cut, romance novel of a game that the family can enjoy. In one of the posts here someone mentioned how his wife would wait for him to come home and play Uncharted so she could watch...that says it all.

abc12332838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

You make it sound as though having a game which plays like a movie is a bad thing.