E3 2011 registration now open

The ESA has opened up registrations for this upcoming E3, over five months before the epic event starts.

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dkblackhawk502838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

hehe, can't wait for the announcements! :D @below: Only if your special atendee.

Sev2838d ago

This isn't news. This shouldn't be on here. This has nothing to do with the general public and is reserved for media.

Chefooba2838d ago

Can members of the public attend? Or is it a press only thing?

showtimefolks2838d ago

if you do gaming blogs and stuff you might get in but its rare

CernaML2838d ago

If you REALLY want to get in, then wait for the Playstation blog to announce another community gathering. They've held 2 here in California so far and the first 100-150 people to get in are automatically registered for E3. It was the hardest night in my gaming life but it was well worth it. :P

jaredhart2838d ago

Looking forward to this one!

curtis3942838d ago

Best Show of the year. I'm in, Thanks for the heads up !

Lamarthedancer2838d ago

<Crosses fingers> I hope we get some info on Half life 3 or Half life 2 episode 3......what ever it's going to be called.

Maybe a GTA V announcement and more revealed Characters/Plot in Uncharted 3

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