US: Analyst predicts Wii December victory

Pachter estimates US hardware sales for last month - Wii (2.6m), Xbox 360 (2.5m) and PS3 (1.2m); Xbox only machine to grow YOY.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael patter has predicted that Wii emerged as the best selling home console of December in the US.

Overall he reckons Nintendo's machine sold 2.6m units. Just behind it, he foresees Xbox 360 sales of 2.5m units - more than double his predicted PS3 sales of 1.2m units.

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Loner2891d ago

Ill put my money on 360

mrv3212891d ago ShowReplies(2)
NewMonday2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Everyone will ignore the Wii again first place doesn't matter, 2nd place is the new number 1.

FailOverHero2891d ago

What are you on about? X360 has been numero uno in the US for the last 6 months or so. What do you mean everyone will ignore Wii again? Wii has been number 2 and ps3 number 3. This time around it will be Wii 1st, 360 2nd and ps3 last.

NewMonday2891d ago

Man get real, the difference between the 360 and PS3 is a stupid 5%, you can't seriously think it matters.

DualConsoleOwner2891d ago

just ignore the fanboys. they got nothing else going for them. they are just too distraught over the fact that there is only 2 exclusive coming for them on xbox 360 this yaer.

let them dream.

gamer20102891d ago

Wow, a dual console owner that acts like a fanboy. You don't see that everyday. Most dual console owners usually tend to be some of the more level headed people on this site.

I'm personally glad I own all of my consoles this year and every year.

Christopher2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

People go where the controversy is.

The sales numbers are freaking impressive, though. Amazing that one month equals about 20% of the years total sales.

eagle212891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


who the heck is everyone?...delusional butthurt fanboys is not :)

#2 and #3 will never be #1 until they earn it... :)

Jezuz2891d ago

He's not a fanboy. YOU are a fanboy. Whenever someone say something bad about let's say God Of War 3 you'll call them a fanboy no? I know your kind.

AAACE52891d ago

@Newmonday... Exactly! People keep trying to downplay the Wii's success, but it has been taking potential sales from the other two!

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MintBerryCrunch2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

how does one man estimate hardware sales?

i could do the same, but why take my word for it really that hard to go look at a company's financial records for the 2010 year

all of the info you need will be in there...if sites like these even bothered to link to the companies records, there would be less "debates" on this site

DualConsoleOwner2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

its Q4 is coming out end of Jan.

@MintBerryCrunch Below.

for us?? there is zero purpose. those estimates are for stockholders and investors.

so they know what to expect and make investments accordingly.

meaning it has no business of being here given its just a guess, but my guess is that xbox fanboys will be parading with the guessed numbers. lol

MintBerryCrunch2891d ago

yea but the problem then is that this guy is "estimating" for december when the numbers arent even whats the i said i could do the same, but me not being a Wedbush Morgan Analyst doesnt give me credibility...

and im gonna take a guess that most havent even heard of Wedbush Morgan before this guy showed up

MintBerryCrunch2891d ago

if i was a shareholder, i would not be taking advice from this guy

just my 2 cents

MintBerryCrunch2891d ago

lol, and what did you add to the discussion?

"you're a fanboy"

at least you know the difference between your and you're

good for you

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Mahr2890d ago

"how does one man estimate hardware sales?"

If that man is Michael Pachter? Poorly.

Neko_Mega2891d ago

I think it is Wii Vs PS3, 360's best selling is the US and that is mostly people buying the new models to get WiFi build in and a system that won't rrod on them.

PS3 and Wii have very good world wide says and I see one of them taking it.

KratosGod32891d ago Show
Neko_Mega2891d ago

I live in a place where almost everyone here owns nothing but a 360, which alot of those people have had over 20 360's and yes they just go out and buy a new one.

sleepy32890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

So how does that explain software sales which is equal to the ps3 some months and higher than the ps3 on others.

If indeed the ACTUAL install base i.e. # of working xbox's are about a 1/2 of what is claimed, then either

1. PS3 owners really don't buy games. C'mon, buy a game already.
2. 360 owners buy a TON of games, about 100 per system, lol.
3. Your theory is wrong, and the vast vast VASSSTTT majority just took advantage of the free repair 3 year warranty.

Which do you think it is?

Neko_Mega2890d ago

Lol like Halo Reach? I seen about four copys sitting at Gamestop after it came out, most 360 users play and their system kills the game.

The only big sellers on 360 is Halo, Gears and COD. Which means the 360 is good at selling shooters.

sleepy32890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

so the reason so much software is sold is that software is most 360's kill the game forcing the 20 million functional 360 owners to buy as much or more than the 40 million ps3 owners just to replace tons of scratched disks.....riiiiiiiight.

ok. You win.

Neko_Mega2890d ago

You can't mess up a bluray (Can but its hard).

Now try telling shareholders that 360 has good software sales, maybe then they might go back to the 360.

ReBurn2891d ago

I estimate that I will buy more video game software in 2011 than I did in 2010. Although I did pick up about 6 older games in the last week of 2010 due to incredible clearance sales on some older titles. I'm so glad I waited on Saints Row 2.

Balt 2891d ago

Sony's spent 4 years at the bottom. How much longer are their shareholders going to go along with this?

thebudgetgamer2891d ago

i think they are more interested that it sells ten million a year. the other stuff only affects fanboys.

NewMonday2890d ago

It doesn't mater what place they are but how much software they sell, and believe me or not they actually sell a bit more than the 360 worldwide.

The only company that totally depends on games of the 3 is Nintendo, Sony is mostly dependent on the other range of hardware, and it also makes Movies. For MS it starts and ends with Windows, the 360 is just a bonus, and doesn't affect shares at all.

siyrobbo2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

sony make more than just consoles, they also make laptops, tvs blu ray dvd players camcorders films music

The games division is a small slice of a large pie, the ps3 definitely didn't go according to plan, they got cocky and underestimated nintendo (and to a lesser extent microsoft)

They have a killer lineup this year, good hardware, lots to offer, they just need to step up the marketing. All they need to do is hit $199 and market the hell out of it and they will be home free

3rd place this gen is not a bad position to be in at all, who-ever ends up taking the position

Neko_Mega2891d ago

Oh? To bad shareholders are questioning Microsoft now.

DaTruth2890d ago

You've spent your whole life in your parents basement; How much longer are your parents gonna go along with this?

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