PlayStation Phone - Hit or Flop?

But Sony’s is not in a good way when it comes to handhelds. The PSP was definitely a valiant effort, but thanks to a trickle of good game releases, mammoth piracy rates, and the abysmal PSPgo, the company is splashing around in mediocrity like a rubbish beached whale, taking a right hammering from Nintendo and Apple.

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trounbyfire2935d ago

i 'll let you know when it comes out

Godmars2902935d ago

That's about all you can say.

deadreckoning6662934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

"i 'll let you know when it comes out"


But if I were to make a "prediction" will be a flop for several reasons:

1) 92% of Americans over the age of 18 have a cell phone already. If you want to play PSP games that bad, u can get a PSP right now for less than $100 bux and for $30 more, u can get a hacked one off Ebay.

2) A shitload of people are already saving their money for the Iphone 5(which will destroy the PSP Phone in overall features). The Iphone 5 has consumer familiarity and will obviously be more advertised than the PSP Phone.

3) Informed PSP fans are saving their money for the PSP2.

4) The 3DS. Most people in the market for a portable gaming system don't need more than ONE portable gaming device(especially in this economy). Will people choose to spend their money on a system that can display glasses free 3D imagery or a low end phone that doubles as PSP(5 year old technology)

5) Iphone and Android games are getting better and better and BETTER. Check out Angry Birds and Farmville. Why are people going to buy PSP games for the PSP Phone when they can get these extremely entertaining and addicting games for a fraction of the price...and play them on a sleeker, slimmer device as well?

6) We STILL don't know what carriers will take the PSP Phone..or even IF any carriers will take this phone. This leads me to believe that the only way to get this phone will be to get it UNLOCKED. Meaning that it won't be subsidized. Given the fact that the phone has an 8 megapixel camera, touch controls, and doubles as a PSP...expect a $299 price point at the LEAST.

For $299, in THIS economy, you can do a LOT better.
a) You can get a PS3
b) Get a 360
c) Get the brand new 3DS(new 3D hardware that will most certaintly cost between $250 and $300). Also unlike the PSP, the 3DS will have a LARGER variety of games such as Splinter Cell, Sonic, DOA, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Street Fighter etc....ALL in 3D

Main Point: There is NO audience for a PSP Phone and even if there is, its sooo small that its not worth even looking into.

Sidenote: Believe it or not, but I thought of all this stuff just now. Pretty proud of myself :)

Substance1012934d ago

Personally wouldnt like my phone to be so big and clunky. I would rather prefer the gaming device to be seperate.

Apocalypse Shadow2934d ago

hmmmm...i guess in dead's mind,no one should offer an alternative to iphone.because everyone wants,likes and is waiting for the next MADDEN UPDATE to iphone.what were those sprint evo owners thinking?....

or that everyone owns a phone.he must have seen the phone owning figures somewhere.

who buys sony phones anyway?not like sony erricson wait...

electricshadow2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Well said, deadreckoning666. +bubbles

rrw2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

1) its depend on people choice. there is people that want they ipod can be used to call. hence iphone. obvious there is person how dont care about phone. hence ipod touch

2) most people how buying Iphone 5 is apple customer. this phone will attract android market. whether this will compete with iphone like other to ranked phone is remain to be seen (assuming rumored spec. it technically can head to head even to iphone 5)

3) same as 1)

4) xperia play IS not 3DS competitor. that job for PSP2. success of 3DS will have little effect on xperia play (or psphone you called it)

5) this will have native android support like gaming and app plus with sony exclusives game that specialize with phone. so yeah this thing will make game on android market place much more entertaining because it had BUTTON. not like rubbing touch screen. obviously touch screen gaming is also a option if you want to. that beauty of this phone because it had best of 2 worlds

6) first this phone have 5 Megapixel not 8. then there is no information that this simply PSP with phone (so there is chance that is not playing psp game) heck even $299 is CHEAP for unlocked phone (for comparison unlocked iphone is $599). do you ever buying high end phone?

by the way PSP have overall same variety games than 3DS (Kingdom Hearts, MGS,, god of war, etc)

newhumanbreed2934d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

He didn't say that no one should offer an alternative to iPhone. He even listed the Droid. There's already many alternatives to the iPhone such as BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

Apocalypse Shadow2934d ago

he said point blank:

**But if I were to make a "prediction" will be a flop for several reasons:**

no one knows if it will or not.and he's no prophet.

by who's measure is it or will it be a success?his?

think again....

Spinal2934d ago


Your whole Response is EPIC FAIL.

Your comparing An Android Phone to the 3DS. The PS Phone is an Android phone so it will get all those games like Angry birds plus PS Games. Also the success of 3DS and/or PSP2 have nothing to do with the Sales of a Phone. Check your Facts properly.

You're completely and utterly Stupid.

The PS Phone isnt in competiton with consoles. Its in competition with iPhone and WP7 and Blackberrys. Its not in competition with Android cause it IS an android phone. An if you KNOW anything or have a SLIGHT CLUE you would know that Android is Apple's biggest phone OS Competitor. So the PS Phone is on the PERFECT platform OS.

RememberThe3572934d ago

Everyone here is saying that it'll live or die on what the west thinks of it. Maybe it's not being made with the west in mind. The PSP is a huge system in Japan and cell phones are huge as well. Why not merge them into one and sell a shit load of phones.

If it does well in the west then great, but what if thats not the main goal?

For every point Dead makes there is an equally valid counter point. This phone could turn out to be awesome and offer something that people don't yet know they want. We'll just have to wait to see how Sony pushes it and where.

Ju2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

dead.. lol. Can't say anything other already haven't said.

This phone competes with (current) top of the line Android phones. What it emphasizes is the gaming aspect of the Android platform. So, if you look at a phone and also (!) want a gaming platform on one device there is no competition - simply because it has buttons.

The biggest challenge for this phone is not IPhone or Blackberry or 3DS (or PSP); its in house: Tegra2 Superphones.

Time to market will be crucial here. They have to release this phone before the (Android) Tegra2 phones hit the market.

It will be a tough decision to choose a touch only Tegra2 or a button enabled "Humingbird" class device. I would give the Tegra2 the advantage unless it 2-4 month after they can release the PS phone. Right now, it has a clear advantage.

ComboBreaker2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

How in the world would it flop? I check a few seconds ago, and Android is still owning the market. Unless something happen in those few seconds I took to type this.

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meetajhu2934d ago

PSP 2 = HIt
PS phone = 100% flop. Coz it runs PSxdroid app to emulate PS1 games and only plays the andriod market apps. Still Iphone is superior mobile gaming device.

TBM2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

i love how a handheld which sold over 60 million is considered a failure being as the market was also 100% nintendo handhelds. i think thats a pretty good effort for a new system.

as for the phone how about letting it come out first, and letting people judge for what it does. also every phone on the planet is a failure next to the iphone else none of them have the numbers that it does.

just let it come out first. personally i like android phones better.

dragon822934d ago

People just like to make it seem like the PSP was a huge flop. Those of us with brains can see otherwise. The PSP has sold more units than both the PS3 and 360.

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EasilyTheBest2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Well I honestly think flop. It just reminds me of the Nokia N-cage.
I cant see it selling millions.

This dont seem any better than the PSP for me to really want one plus there are miles better phones out there than this one.

I suppose if it was £99 it may well have a chance but I just think theres nothing amazing about it that stands out.

Ju2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

"miles better phones"

Which one would that be? Its on the level of the GalaxyS, still the fastest gaming phone today.

Joni-Ice2935d ago

Hit or Flop? Is the phone out yet? Thats like saying is Mass Effect 3 a hit or not when the game is not even out. Another dumb article. Keep it moving people.

FailOverHero2934d ago

Yet people assume UC3 will be a hit...I'll tell you why, history is a good indicator of future. ME 3 and UC 3 will both be awesome, it is almost guaranteed.
This on the other hand has potential to flop hard, N Gage being the history beacon here

TheIneffableBob2934d ago

There is no predecessor to the PS Phone. Uncharted 3 and Mass Effect 3 are sequels to successful games; the PS Phone is the first in the series. The N-Gage is a totally unrelated product.

Rainstorm812934d ago

and to add to that if you want to use the PSP as a "history beacon" i wouldnt consider 60+ mil PSP's a flop.

Ratchet5102934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

you putting ME3 with U3 lol are you drunk, ME3 not close to U3 it cant even see U3 in its sight. U3 can only be touched by KZ3 because KZ3 is sony's jugernaunt game. ME3 lol dont make me laugh more really lol. O the playstation phone is ment for phone calling lol because if they wanted a real handheld phone they would put the phone in the psp2 lol. i dont have a problem with ps1 games, they are hard to find well over here it is.

firefoxprime2934d ago

C'mon now Fail. Whether you're right or wrong, this site is ps3fanboy territory. You can't make a statement like that and "not" expect all those disagrees.

Sad fact is that I like sony. I like my ps1/2/psp. Yet I can still feel the overbearing globs of fanboys eyes staring through this computer screen. Fanboys suck.

silvacrest2934d ago

dont you know what predecessor actually means?

the ngage failed for various reasons which dont effect this device, mainly being sony is not nokia and dont face all the problems they had when releasing the ngage

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Apocalypse Shadow2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

yeah...i guess sony selling 60-70 million psps was a flop in a nintendo controlled portable's not like they sold as many portables like,tiger,sega,nec,snk and the rest.

but the article title is representative of the poor article submissions and their subsequent approvals on n4g.

it can't be a hit or flop if it hasn't released to be accepted or rejected.

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