What’s so new about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

PS3 Attitude break down all the latest Skyrim news and discuss how Bethesda are making the game different from Oblivion. Amongst the new features discussed: level scaling, randomly generated quests, third-person camera, new class system, changes to NPCs and other topics.

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Killzoned2840d ago

Can't wait for this game to drop!!

Lamarthedancer2840d ago

Honestly if COD comes out in November the same time as this and Uncharted 3 and people buy COD instead, then there morons

showtimefolks2840d ago

expect a new COD and a new AC game in fall 2011

AC might struggle with sales because there are just way too many AAA titles in fall 2011 but COD as usual will do its numbers

what will be interesting is many gaming media outlets complained about COD:BO not looking as good because thewe have seen some great looking games now the engine is showing some signs of wear and tear.

plus how long before activision kills the COD name because after a while people will be like oh here is another just like MADDEN has fallen off and not a powerhouse seller it once was

i really don't care because there will be other shooters i am more interested in and other games i can't waite to play

resistance 3
uncharted 3
gears 3
forza 4

5 games in last 4-5 months of 2011 is already too packed(PS all sequels lol)

ShinMaster2840d ago

As much as I want to play Uncharted 3 right now. I hope they push it back a little past the next COD game(or whatever) so people can realize the mistake they made and go play Uncharted :)

Ratchet5102840d ago

lol that is true, but it doesnt matter about sells because we all know uncharted 3 is better and is a real next gen game and will get GOTY so sales dont matter. There are those people who only like american games and they like sports and FPS that is why they are ignorant and stupid. if you a hardcore gamer then explore other games, it doesnt hurt lol. U3 is already 2011 GOTY.

Sarcasm2840d ago

It all sounds great on paper, but the one thing I hope they fix is how the enemies react to your attacks. In oblivion, every enemy you hit felt like hitting a stone wall. It just felt, odd...

Threesix2840d ago

Day 1 pickup for sure. Can't wait to slay me some dragons.

trainsinrdr2837d ago

i cant complain about oblivion it was the perfect game obviously it had annoying bugs but i suppose alot games do