Dynasty Warriors 7 Official European Site Launched

Tecmo Koei Europe has launched the official website for the highly-anticipated Dynasty Warriors 7, set to arrive globally this Spring. Featuring details on the stars of each of the warring factions in Dynasty Warriors 7, including the all-new Jin dynasty, the website is an essential destination for all fans of the hugely popular videogame series.

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ElementX2841d ago

The Dynasty Warriors series needs to die. It's the same rehash every goddamn release. No innovation, no improvements, nothing!

Dart892840d ago

Ha that's where you're wrong my friend have you even read what they have done with dw7?

radphil2840d ago

You just pretty much stuck your hand unintelligently into a bee's nest...

DragonKnight2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Oh yeah? Let's take a look at the series and prove you wrong.

Dynasty Warriors: Fighting game for PS1. 10 Characters. Weapon based 3D fighting game. Kind of like a primitive Soul Calibur.

Dynasty Warriors 2: Classed as a Crowd-Combat action game. 21 Characters. Choose one general from the list of playable characters, then choose one of 8 stages represented as maps to play a conflict of the 3 Kingdoms era (I.E. Yellow Turban Rebellion). Gameplay is straightforward melee attacks, charged combo attacks, and super move musou attacks. 60 minute time limits are added, hundreds of soldiers are added, gates are added, horses and items are added, maps are huge.

Dynasty Warriors 3: Now classed as a Hack and Slash game. Introduced 2 player co-op modes, and various challenge modes. New weapons, attacks, music, and stages were added, as well as a complete overhaul of previous stages in DW2. More stage specific missions are added to allow for morale boosts that increase the effectiveness of your troops. 13 new characters were added, totaling 41 for the series. Was also the first game in the series to have an expansion pack, known as Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends, allowing you to play story modes of Other Forces generals, new weapons, and greater difficulty, new items, and customizable bodyguards. It also allows you to add the features it has to DW3 by way of disc swapping.

Dynasty Warriors 4: Introduced the Kingdom Mode method of Story gameplay. Instead of each character having their own story, you play for the Kingdom's campaign. Most characters will play the same stages, with few exceptions. Side stages were added depending on actions taken within previous stages, or depending on which stage you chose first. Officers now reacted to events more, and remembered events. Example, if you choose to defeat Xiahou Shang in the Mt. Ding Jun stage, Xiahou Dun will appear in Hyper mode for revenge in Wu Zhang Plains.

Edit mode was added to allow character and bodyguard creation. Weapons gain experience instead of having to find new ones. Horses have their own item slot. Element orbs added. Siege weapons added. Duels added. More stages added and more new characters added.

Charge attacks changed to be more unique among characters, and the jump charge attack was added. Also had 2 expansion packs in the form of DW4 XL which added more new weapons, harder difficulty, and new modes.

Arena Challenge were survival style duels. and Legend mode focused on the individual character you chose, their accomplishments, and building their own kingdom. DW4 Empires is more of a Strategy game where the attacking is DW style but with a strategy phase. Cont...

DragonKnight2840d ago


Dynasty Warriors 5: This is the first DW game to have very minor changes to gameplay mechanics, and instead focus more on aesthetics. Charge attack changes, and strongholds have been added. Weapons have added attributes added to them, as well as weight differences. Again, new stages and new characters.

DW5 XL: Adds Xtreme Mode which is basically an enhanced survival mode with gold and items, which also allows for famous officers to join you in building your Kingdom. Destiny mode puts a created character you make as a subordinate to a famous officer, who will protect and heal you while you're near them. Also, your proficiency in battle is measured between types such as attack, strategy, and tactics. You gain points which help unlock different costumes and weapon types for your character. And also the ability to defect to other forces has been added, with your previous commander remembering if you do and acting appropriately when facing you in battle. DW5 Empires is largely the same as DW4 Empires.

Dynasty Warriors 6: Renbu system almost completely changes the battle mechanics with unending attacks and a gauge system that increases your combos and power. Weapons have different attack types. Normal, Swift, and Fierce with the power of the attacks varying by type. The ability to swim and climb ladders is added. New Siege weapons are added. Objectives are added for bonuses. Personal Items that can allow for special abilities are added. A skill tree is added. Strategies are implemented and can change with player actions. Horses now have attributes and elements. And as always, new characters, weapons, and stages.

DW6: Empires. Largely the same as the other Empires games with the exception being 1 new character who is actually and omitted character from DW6, and some different movesets for original characters.

So yeah, I guess Dynasty Warriors is the same as it's always been since the PS1 and hasn't changed one bit right?