Ripten Review: Dead Rising 2: Case West - Sub-par Shooting Mechanics Mar What Should Be a Good Time

RipTen: The Case West standalone expansion for Dead Rising 2 answers the question of what happened to Frank West, the protagonist of the original Dead Rising. Nothing has really happened to him, he’s just around kicking ass and taking pictures, and now he finds himself aligned with Dead Rising 2 leading man Chuck Greene as they investigate a Phenotrans facility.

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Drjft2842d ago

Still have to complete the original game before I buy the DLC.

Excalibur2842d ago

Same here and as stated in the article "The $10 price tag is a little steep, especially considering Case Zero was only $5"

I'll eventually get it but I think I'll wait for a sale.

jaredhart2842d ago

Deserves a higher score than a 5.

kevco332842d ago

Haven't had a chance to get on this yet, but I really liked Case 0.

Sneak-Out2842d ago

i hate this exclusive ... want it for ps3

socomnick2842d ago

Why don't they complain about the sub par shooting in uncharted? Can't trust
reviewers anymore they play favorites.

jaredhart2842d ago

nothing wrong with shooting mechanics in the Uncharted games.

Kingdom Come2842d ago

Whilst Uncharted is a Stunning Franchise (Graphically), I have to agree with this man (Socomnick), the Shooting Mechanics in the Uncharted Franchise feel sloppy in comparison to others in the TPS genre (Gears of War).
However, I am willing to say this is my own personal opinion and am willing to accept others...

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