Top 5 worst games of 2010

Drunk on Judgement counts down the absolute worst games of 2010. If you received one of these for Christmas, they pity you.

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MidnightWatcher2836d ago

Black Ops is my personal worst game of the year.

Why can't they make a true sequel to COD 4. That game was my first ever FPS and nothing, multiplayer wise, has come close to replicate that.

jashmister2836d ago

COD 4 was the best in the series and COD 2 was also good. from WaW and on its just rehashes that people seem to think are new in some way and buy. No FPS anymore can bring anything new or different that other FPS's haven't done before. but its still a popular genre for some reason.
And i hate black ops as well, its multiplayer is a amazing failure.

Ducky2836d ago

"No FPS anymore can bring anything new or different that other FPS's haven't done before."

Not exactly a true statement.

jashmister2836d ago

@FatOldMan I agree with you but i do say it is mostly true there are probably a few games out there that have something new, but they might not get popular or they might suck, I don't see any popular FPS bringing anything new to the genre.

Ducky2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

My reason for saying that it isn't exactly true was because no-one knows what the future holds.
It is one thing to say that no new scheduled game is innovative, but entirely something else to say that no game ever will be innovative.

Nowadays, any game from the first-person view is called an 'FPS'. It is almost a meta-genre in a sense.
There's Mirror's Edge and Brink which feature parkour elements.
Portal2 features puzzle elements that are new. (Although it is arguable if it can be called a 'shooter')
Bulletstorm has it's DMC-inspired meter for being fancy.
There's also a few indie shooters that have their own unique twist on the genre.

Every genre has room for new ideas. Only clairvoyance (or cynicism) can make one conclude that nothing new or different will be created within the genre.

jashmister2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I get that now, it is true that no one can tell the future and i didn't really mean it in that way i was refering to most currently released fps's.

All the games you mention are trying to be different which is fantastic.
Portal is brilliant, one of my favorite games
Mirrors Edge was awesome as well, I'm waiting for its sequel.
Bulletstorm I have seen before, I thought it looks awesome I'm probably going to get it.
and I don't know anything about Brink(ill look into it now :3).
Indie games are always awesome they just deserve a lot more hype.

I say thanks for this conversation but I still have to say a lot of currently released FPS stand by all the basics and not trying anything new there is games out there trying to be innovative those games I try and spot and play even if given bad ratings (ratings are just opinions anyway).
Too bad stuff like Singularity have a good idea but don't use it to its full potential (then also add multiplayer for the lulz).

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jashmister2836d ago

"Attack of the movies 3-D"? sounds horrible, just from its title and that iron man picture made me lol

Axecution2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )
Haha. Yeah, i had to youtube it lol.

(N4G keeps saying my comment looks like spam so i had to throw in this sentence. @[email protected])

TANUKI2836d ago

I hope to see more lists like these. I am a sucker for awful games... I guess it's because I'm usually anticipating hours of LOL moments.

Kakihara2836d ago

Easily Kane and Lynch 2 for me, and I'm one of the few people who really liked the first one. Awful Awful sequel, just one long hide behind a box and shoot session with literally no break for three hours until the credits suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Bathyj2836d ago

I was hope Naughty Bears would be good. I love the idea cute animals getting dirty, probably because I'm a fan of the movie Meet The Feebles.

That guy on Rig n Roll looks like Patrick Swayze in Black Dog.