Gearbox: 'More To Do' With Borderlands

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has told NowGamer that there's more that can be done with co-op loot-and-shoot franchise Borderlands...

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Excalibur2891d ago

Bring it on, I love borderlands.

schlanz2890d ago

I'd rather have a sequel than more DLC. There's a lot of tweaking to be done to take it from pretty good to really awesome.

Excalibur2890d ago

I'd take either.
with Marcus actually saying that he was ready to take you to other worlds at the end of the Claptrap DLC a new piece of DLC could actually be on another planet.

antz11042890d ago

They could always do both.

But hells yeah, Borderworlds FTW!!!!

Active Reload2890d ago

I remember not having the internet for like 3 weeks. In that time I fell in love with Borderlands.

Christopher2890d ago

I don't honestly see the difference between DLC and a sequel if they were to use DLC to add new content and new class/skill options.

If they do a sequel, I hope they allow you to carry over your first character and raise the cap while adding whole new skill trees and at least one new class.

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skyward2891d ago

What improvements can they make? I could see Borderworlds being some sort of perpetual online co-op game - not quite an MMO, but more like Brink...

antz11042890d ago

I loved it, but they could definately improve the trading system for players during co-op: "Wanna see what I got? Here, let me drop it on the ground."

Halochampian2890d ago

haha! So true!

And hope it doesnt go through the floor and spend the next ten minutes in the crouched position to try and find the exact spot it landed at.

Love Borderlands though

TimmyShire2890d ago

To be honest, I'd be interested in an MMO Borderworlds, it just seems like a perfect world for it.

koehler832890d ago

They still need to fix the voice chat on PS3, broken since launch.

AssassinHD2890d ago

Voice chat worked for me just fine. I went through both playthroughs with a friend. The only time the voice chat ever cut out was during loading screens.

Holeran2890d ago

Yep my voice chat only drops out during load times also which is to be expected. Other than that it works great.

theonlylolking2890d ago

We need a bigger world, more variety of guns. Sure there were 1,000,000 guns but most looked the same. The 4 main characters should not say the same lines OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It also needs longer story mode, more quests, able to reach level 100, and multiplayer arena battles. If it needs 2 discs for the xbox then so be it if it needs to be better than the first.

morventhus2890d ago

I agree... if the game needs more than 1 disc to be awesome they shouldnt hold back... and for all you people who say they cant cause it costs more money to have a game on 2 discs due to licensing or whatever... i have this to say... YOU GOTTA SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY!

antz11042890d ago

Agreed, Moxxi's underdome was a great concept; just not so great execution. If it saved per wave and you could have multiplayer arena battles that would be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.