Top 5 Free-to-Play PvP MMORPGs

PvP action has become an integral part of any good MMORPG, and it’s clear that the incredible population of MMO gamers all strive for excellence in whichever game they play. After all, what better way to prove your worth and skill, other than pitting yourself against other players!

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ChozenWoan2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The PvP in Runes of Magic is bad. It's more of a ganking system with the first strike usually ending the battle. Espeically since most of the PKs (Player Killers) are either Mage/Priest or Mage/Rogue due to Mages being extremely over powered.

Due to the fact that your stats are based more by your armor than your lvl, and with the massive advantages cash can bring to building up your armor, the level system is way off. It's not uncommon to find a lvl 15 taking out lvl 50s due to one side having maxed out gear.

And it's gotten worse since they removed diamonds from the Auction house. Now the demand for gold sellers has shot up through the roof... cause even I'm tempted to make a deal just to get some decent questing armor, let alone PvP gear.

Bah, I'm done ranting and going back to playing games... other than RoM. =/

cwir2891d ago

See those boobs on the pic? That's to get hits..

soundslike2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

thats just how those games are. lots of skanky bishes.

soundslike2891d ago



see how the discs cost money? Back in the day, when you bought a game, it was thought to have cost money. You paid to play the game when you bought it. You bought the disc. The money came from you, went to the vendor, and you received the product.

midgard2272891d ago

yeah, then from the vendor to the distributer to the employees and the executive of the company which in part use that money to buy other things!!! its called an economy!!! :O

TheTwelve2891d ago

The PvP in Atlantica Online is merely who stuns the other side first. Not very deep in my experience.