New FFXIV Producer Discusses Test Servers, The PS3 Version, A New User Interface, FFVII and More.

Not too long after it’s release worldwide Square Enix announced plans to rework their mmorpg Final Fantasy XIV in order to address many user complaints; a move that surprised many.

In an in depth interview with 4Gamer the new director behind the project shares more details on just how far along they have gotten into making FFXIV a game “worthy of it’s namesake. ”

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hay3027d ago

No info on the remake or anything. Don't get lured.

DualConsoleOwner3027d ago

i know the game has tremendous problem and SE are fixing the game after extending "trial" period.

i just like to know if the game improved much.

Noami3027d ago

So far the game been improved few Rank xp is gained when monster is defeated gives u points

not like b4 that u had to hit the monster and pray u get point by hitting mob and then when u finish fighting it calculate it well or not gain anything now u gain rank xp no mater what just like physical xp they added nm

the interface does not longer lag like going to equipment or craft

server lag still there
leves limitation still there
no npc quest still

so still boring when u do everything and u just have to grin or craft

i think fatigue still there haven't play it much to say.

Parapraxis3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )


Myst3027d ago

Looks like they are getting their papers sorted now. Here's hoping they can salvage what is already out there and produce a good one when it lands on PS3. At the same time here's to seeing a fix for the PC users.

What confuses me is how he will implement some things from FFVII into FFXIV. How exactly will they do this I just can't really see it unless they perhaps tweaked the story a bit and made a few more areas.

DarkBlood3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

i hope this game has some sort of 30 day trial thing, i never got any proper gameplay vids to look at

Spenok3027d ago

Its currently a free to play game dude. The game is in such bad shape that SE came out and said they will not charge for the game until it is worth paying for.

Now as to when that is, and what exactly it means is anyones guess. I bought it at launch, and stopped playing it pretty quickly because its honestly a broken mess. I have gone back to it now and again to find some nice little fixes... but thats just it, there little fixes. Nothing to make the game a must play. I have high hopes for this game, and REALLY want this to be something worthy of my time, but they just have to get on the ball.

Hell DCUO had more updates for the BETA! Oi, i really want this game to be good lol.

Godmars2903027d ago

A this point - even if they actually are announcing a remake of FFVII - anyone from Square who brings up FFVII should be shot dead on the spot.

Godmars2903027d ago

How about slapped with a ripe and smelly large dead fish? With the fish's intestines then poured over them.

Troll-without-Bridge3027d ago

Normal people dont keep crying for remakes of 1 out so many games in the series, just move on.


final fantasy 1 and 2 have been remade plenty of times. so have 3 4 5 and 6. we want remakes of more of the good ol classics. if all of the other's have been done, why not the rest up to 9?

kesvalk3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

FF 6 was never remade, just ported...

IMO, it deserves a remake more than FF7, it's a overall better game anyway...

HINDERIZATION3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

i agree. FFVI is probably the best one made in the series and also my favorite.

Obama3027d ago

even if it's free I do not feel like trying it somehow :P

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