Iwata Claims 3DS Warnings Will Fend Off Potential Lawsuits

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has claimed that company warnings about the potential effects of 3DS 3D use by young children do not represent an admission that the system is in any way dangerous, but only that Nintendo wants to keep its customers fully informed.

The company has recommended that the forthcoming system's 3D features should not be used by children aged six and under.

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Darkfiber2836d ago

Hah! I knew this was coming. 3D is awful for your vision, particularly in growing children. 3DS is going to raise a generation of cross-eyed mongoloids. Like ANYONE is going to actually listen to the warnings... Just wait till the "my kid played his 3DS for 10 hours in a row and his retinas detatched!" complaints and the little warning label isn't going to save you. Also, the age should probably be changed to a lot older than 6, until you actually stop growing. If kids grow up playing/watching 3D for hours a day, their brains are not going to be able to perceive things properly.

theonlylolking2836d ago

I agree. Why couldnt nintendo just make a HD screen with xbox 360 graphics?

TruthbeTold2836d ago

Two words: Parental responsibility. If your very young child owns or has access to a piece of hardware like this it is because you bought it for the child, or are letting the child play it. People may try to sue, but they won't win. People need to raise their damned kids...