Grumpy Gurevitz: A Pessimistic Optimist when it comes to Nintendo

Grumpy Gurevitz writes: In a few months time the Nintendo 3DS will be launched, in our hands and part of our lives. At that point we will be able to point out all the things Nintendo have done wrong by being out of touch with the regular gamer, and our expectations when it comes to choice of games, console functionality and online experience. However, that’s then and this is now. Now is the time to be optimistic, to hope that Nintendo Of America have been listened to in Japan and how the device might be all we hope for and more.

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Jim Crikey3852d ago

Will the 3DS be 'all that' as the young people are wont to say?

scruffy_bear3852d ago

Can't wait for the 3DS going to get the girlfriend one as she's a huge Nintendo fan