New Hyperdimension Neptunia Screenshots Revealed

Tecmo Koei Europe have released screen shots for their up and coming game Hyperdimension Neptunia. Launching exclusively on PlayStation 3, Hyperdimension Neptunia is a quirky take on the battles that exist between the core audiences of each hardware manufacturer.

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laaakokaracha3852d ago

quirky take on the battles that exist between the core audiences of each hardware manufacturer?


AGamerOfConsoles3852d ago

Did I read that right? You battle against illegal hardware monsters? Like pirates?

LMAO! I am actually interested to see what this is about. What has this got to with Neptune?

Neckbear3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

You're Neptune- a canned SEGA console in the game, which decides to fight against piracy.

To do so, you must reunite the other three kingdoms and her goddesses- which are, of course, the Wii, PS3 and the 360. They're at war, but Neptune's goal is to convince them to make a truce and join to fight against piracy, and the queen of it, Arfoire (A.K.A. R4/Flash carts), a major threat in Gamindustry.

There are also other characters, namely:

Nisa, which goes behind Nippon Ichi Software, and namely, the North American publisher of the game.

Compa, short for Compile Heart. Worked in development, subsidiary of Idea Factory.

IF, which is, of course, Idea Factory.

Gust, an adorable loli alchemist, which goes for Gust- who kind of worked in the development. They're also known for their Atelier and Ar Tonelico franchises.

They also added some other characters that will be in the North American version- 5pb is a Japanese Visual Novel publisher, and Red, who goes for Red Entertainment- developer of Sakura Wars.

...Long story short, the idea itself is pure golden, and it seems like the writting doesn't falls short.

I wonder about the gameplay, however.

Redempteur3852d ago

gameplay is trinity universe with some tweaks

rataranian3852d ago

Here's something you may not know..*whispers* NIS fans we already know that its more of a space age twist on Trinity Universe and will play exactly the same. AND WE STILL LOVE IT!!!!

Put up the pre order now please.