New PS3 SKU at FCC

Helping to 'confirm' rumours of a new upcoming SKU for the PS3 (40GB?) is the fact that SONY currently has a new SKU under testing at the FCC.

Model # CECHG01


The link is a little wonky to the FCC...

Try this if the first doesn't work:'AK8CBEH1000'

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pwnsause4054d ago

well, theres a WLAN card in this new model as its says here so that rumor about the 40gb model probably not have a wireless card built in is not true, but this does look like a 40gb model is on the way

sajj3164054d ago

what I don't see is a mention of a card reader .. I just took a quick glance at it. Let me know if I'm mistaken here. Something has to be taken out to reduce the price.

HarryEtTubMan4054d ago

This is what I've been waiting for!! I'm definately buying this SKU and I Might upgrade the HDD down the road... sooo many good games are coming this and next year! KINGDOM HEARTS 3 IS GONNA BE SWEET!!!

PimpHandHappy4054d ago

Let me start a flame war real quick here


Maybe thats what MS should have tried b4 the sent out the 360!!!!

ok im done here

ignore me if u please


SJL4804054d ago

NOOOOOOOO pimphand don't do it.
quick slap a three year warranty on that statement so it can be like it never even happened.

just joking xbox and ps3 are both great.

Shake4054d ago

You laughed on your own time,why wanna share your laughter?I mean why post "hahaha".We can't hear you ,so dont post that nonsense again.OK?Am I clear?Geesh!Well back on topic.I think this will really help ps3,because I know there is alot of people that would wanna play those great games coming out this year and next year but the price is holding them back.I know because Im one of them and so is a couple of my friends.

aiphanes4054d ago

And if you read all the documents it says that sony wants to keep the pictures under raps for up to 45 TGS this week we will hear about the new PS3 model...

americanGTA4054d ago

A new model, a new version of PS3

kspraydad4054d ago

Stock Keeping Unit (or Model!)

okcomputer4054d ago

stock keeping unit, for consoles it basically just means another version of the same product.

I just wish both ms and sony would make up their minds and actually pick a version and stick with it.

pwnsause4054d ago

well if this is actually the 40gb hard drive version, and if its $100 dollars cheaper than the 60 GB version, then it can bring new life to the PS3, it will sell but to sell it, it needs that one uber awesome game this year, one that catches us by surprise

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