Images of Sega Rally - Xbox360 PS3 PSP Comparison

Sega released these images of Sega Rally today, from the three versions of the game. We've already seen a fair amount of images released during GC, but these ones are special. They are captured with the same car and have almost the same environments, it's harder to get better comparison images out from a company than these. The lightning is quite different between them though, but it's safe to say that they both look very good.

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MaximusPrime4078d ago

for some reasons, i can't make the images bigger. i tried clicking on it but nothing happened. any help?

therealwillie4078d ago

works fine on mine so i could'nt tell you what the prob is

Douchebaggery4077d ago

cuz the pics open in a new window

spammy_nooo4077d ago

the only thing remotely similar about those screens is the car positioning and/or camera tilt.

not enough to nitpick about the small differences, which seems to be the only(unimportant) point of the comparisons anyways.

UnasFortuna4077d ago

It has been my experience that screen shots allegedly showing the differences (if any) in console games are irrelevant. Unless the shots are identical in camera angle, game mode, exact same spot in game at same time (which is almost impossible to do due to the nature of the ingame AI), the shading, lighting, and environment textures are going to be different. The only true test is to play the game itself. You can get a fairly good idea however if they are live action videos. A picture in the gaming world by itself, does not speak a thousand words.

A Man4077d ago

But then again PS3 was lead platform.

LSDARBY4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

PS3 looks a bit better (more realistic) reflections on car and suroundings look much more real. The textures on the rocks in the 360 version look awful. But it is in motion so cant really knock it for that.

But in the second pic (what looks like replay mode) the 360 version looks much better with each spec of mud being shown which looks cool.

DJ4077d ago

Better anti-aliasing and higher-res textures. The reflection quality looks a lot better too.

TheXgamerLive4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

You know better than that. The Xbox 360 version is much better but b/c sega doesn't want to be like EA, they decided to choose less than images for 360 and the better images however unlike for the ps3. It's always the same, 360 is better, so wait til an independent site compares you'll see the Xbox 360 as usual is best. Only like images will tell the true story, like images and live gameplay.

Nothing new here.

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The story is too old to be commented.