Hands-On: Madden 2007

Club Skill goes hands-on with Madden 2007 which is due for release on August 22nd.

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STICKzophrenic5376d ago

"The 360 still doesn’t allow someone to scroll both ways while selecting a defender. You have to go all the way through if you pass who you want."

Maybe it's different this year, but I highly doubt it. On Madden 06, if you held the button to scroll through the defenders and use the left analog stick, you can go in whatever direction you want to select a player. Maybe this guy is just an idiot.

I can't wait til this game comes out.

bohemian 235375d ago

Does anyone know if you can challenge plays this year? That was a big let down on 06

Monchichi0255375d ago

After a year of Reviewing Madden I have come to the conclussion that........MADDEN SUCKS!!!!! Bring back the NFL 2K Series I beg of You!!! Why oh why must we be stuck with this horrible Football Game!

kewlkat0075375d ago

I actually tried too... I liked the 2K series for some reason. I liked th eplayer models better and the game play was better. Damn EA flexing its muscle. messed things up.

Sphinx5375d ago

...I was raised on Madden. I remember selling $1 candy bars for a fundraiser, but saying they were $2 so I could buy Madden '92. However, as much as I love Madden, it has gotten pretty slack it seems. I really hope '07 is as good as NCAA '07 plus some extra features... at the very least!

Islandkiwi5375d ago

That was very enterprising of you.

Oh, and criminal. Criminal and enterprising.

But as to Madden, as far as I can see this is another minor upgrade. Until they're willing to rebuild, I'm not buying.