Iwata shares 3DS shipment numbers

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed shipment numbers for the 3DS today, and it looks like Japan will be receiving most of the inventory.

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boogeyman9993848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

A lot of the rest will go the US. I think.

NewMonday3848d ago

4m from day one, look like it will set some records.

Seijoru3848d ago

I might just try to get a hold of a bunch and sell 'em for 600$ each on ebay.

Lf_sIcKmAn3848d ago

It is because of opportunists like you that this world is going right down the drain...
Have you no conscience? would you abuse people for a buck?

And dont give me that "people let themselves be abused" because it is still morally wrong...

I have spoken...

helrazor3433848d ago

I will lol so hard, if you get stuck with them. If I end up having to wait or put up with Ebay prices like yours, I'd take the wait.

Bigpappy3848d ago

It might not sell as fast as the hype suggest. It will depend on how soon the user base, which is mostly kids, feel the need to upgrade.

I think most early buyers will be core gamers who want to experience handheld 3D. I am no patcher though, this is just my best guess.

Baka-akaB3848d ago

It wasnt kids who massively bought ds and sudoku and dr kawashima .
And it wont be kids mostly buying street fighter 4 on 3ds

Keep telling yourselves that only kids care

Seijoru3848d ago

I'm confused by all the disagrees. What I plan to do is perfectly legal hehe.

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Raendom3848d ago

4M units sold, day 1. Can't wait till this is available to pre-order (EU).

Lucreto3848d ago

If there is a zelda bundle I will buy it day 1. Other than that I will wait for more games.

HOSe3848d ago

hopefully it drops at $250. i cant picture nintendo saying $299

we'll find out soon i guess

gumgum993848d ago

Let's be honest here...2.5 million units for the US just isn't enough.

Lf_sIcKmAn3848d ago

As much as the US is a big market... the DS sells like hotcakes in japan... the special editions in particular... they just gobble them... im beginning to believe they actually eat them O_O

Masterchef20073848d ago

It will probably sell out at launch

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