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"More times than not guys have said, “I don’t see any girls playing Call of Duty!” and it isn’t limited to just Call of Duty, you can insert any game into that statement and yes, a guy has said it. But the truth is that there are plenty of females playing all of these massively popular games online, be it on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live; they are just hiding from you and this is why.

The amount of times a female gets sexually harassed over these games, in one way or another, is beyond me as a male..."

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xino2836d ago

funny man!

that's the way it goes man!

women are just made of meat that men would want to eat up!

60million PSN users, now I know where the 30million half game from, and the only game on Home.

-Ninja Gaiden- always sick!:)

Kon2836d ago

"women are just made of meat that men would want to eat up!" That was quite disturbing.

-Alpha2836d ago

Sadly his comment is resoundingly true. That simply is how women are perceived a large majority of the time

2836d ago
DaCajun2836d ago

@ Jack

A lot of crap coming from you there. So from what you say, all your ex-GFs didn't want anyone that didn't look like Brad Pitt or was rich so that makes you a liar because I seriously doubt you look like Brad and are rich. You just sound like some disgruntled troll that has been turned down and rejected a lot. Also sound like the women you did date if any dumped your ass, so now you are trashing them like you are some saint and they were the problem when it was more than likely you were the problem. Go look in the mirror before you trash on women because your LITTLE pride got hurt.

Butt hurt troll, people like you are the reason why females hide on video games so not to have to deal with losers like you who treat them like trash because they reject you.

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Rush2836d ago Show
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Tommykrem2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

"I don't see any girls playing Wii fit"
"I don't see any girls playing farmville"
"I don't see any girls playing... kitchen themed games"
I could go on...

Good article though! Funny :D And serious :/
That's how it should be.

Neckbear2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Such foul creatures still exist?

I thought we had banished them from the pace of our manly Earth last century, and presented them with their utmost beloved friend and life companion: the kitchen.

...Guess there are still some out there that want to build a revolution.

...May the Lord have mercy on us, for all the sins we must commit to extinguish this threat aside once and for all.

Men, it is the time to rise, and fight!

But ah, on-topic:

Honestly, if you don't like it, then change your sex.

Or something.

But ah, as long as women don't go "HURR IMA GURL GAEMR GUISE!" online, I don't mind playing with them.

...Then again, nope, women that go all like "YES I'M A GIRL AND I PLAY GAMES" are in every corner of online gaming.

And beyond.

wotnerd2836d ago

It shouldn't come to that, there is no reason why girls have to take the backseat and change their gender to be able to play a game.
- Pyramus

firefoxprime2836d ago

haha...sounds like that MEN vs. WOMEN = (galactic warfare) anime "Vandread". Check it out. Its pretty awesome.

StarScream4Ever2836d ago

Well this what happened last nite when gaming with my gf on Blk Ops.

Kid in game,"WTF! Girls don't play COD! GTFO!"

My gf,"Hey STFU kid or I'm gonna find where you live, grab you by the leg and shake you til you drop your lunch money!"

Yes girls DO play games.

distorted_reality2836d ago

I'd be quite worried if I was you.

It's only a matter of time before she shakes you down for you lunch money as well.

StarScream4Ever2836d ago

Well I pay lunch. She pays for our games. So it's a win win. :)

-Alpha2836d ago

LOL! That's an awesome comeback

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