Twilight Princess: The Dying Gasp Of The Nintendo Hardcore

Contrary to popular belief, fans of video game series do not make good game designers. They may have played the games extensively, but that does not necessarily mean they know how to create a unique and fun experience. If anything, that level of attachment blinds them to new possibilities, because their fandom comes from nostalgia for the old. This was a lesson Nintendo learned during the GameCube era, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was symbolic of that era’s end.

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Shok3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Did he seriously just say Twilight Princess was the last hardcore game from Nintendo?

I kinda understand the other points he's makin in the article though.

Millah3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Ironic enough, the last point he makes about Skyward Sword and how its bringing back color and creativity to Links world, and not just letting the fans dictate the game....well Nintendo already made Skyward Sword less "cartoony" because of idiot fans complaining. Which has me a little disappointed, because Nintendo is once again letting fans push them around.

Personally, I thought the original styling of Skyward Sword was drop dead gorgeous, and was the absolute perfect interpretation of A Link to the Past's art style into 3D. Now the new style is just less colorful and more washed out. So I'm disappointed that the fans are once again ruining a good thing for us Zelda fans that aren't so narrow minded and bratty.

ChickeyCantor3848d ago

" Which has me a little disappointed, because Nintendo is once again letting fans push them around. "

What...its usually "Nintendo doesn't care what others think".....0_o

ChickeyCantor3848d ago

Meh I wish this whole "HARDCORE" mentality would go away.
People call themselves " hardcore gamers" as if its a social if it gets you laid or something.

Nintendo still produces awesome games, and not from a first party perspective, but also Retro studio ( DKCR ).

The moment developers refer to their audience as " hardcore gamers "
I want to vomit.

Eamon3848d ago

Nobody calls themselves a hardcore gamer to get laid. lol

What are you dreaming about?

ChickeyCantor3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Comprehensive reading isn't your thing, is it?

Eamon3848d ago

Or is metaphors not your thing?

ChickeyCantor3848d ago

ARE not IS.

I still say its you who has problems trying to understand it. You took it and ripped the context to a new.

If you don't get it, you can ask for clarification.

Eamon3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

lol. It was just that you made a bad example, mate.

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UnwanteDreamz3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I normally don't call myself a hardcore gamer unless someone mistakes me for a casual. Like asking me if I would like to preorder "The Shoot"

Nothing against the game but not really preorder material.

My response was "man I'm a hardcore gamer why would I preorder The Shoot?"

AGamerOfConsoles3848d ago

What is the definition of a hardcore game? I thought Metroid Other M was hard. I thought Mario Galaxy 2 was. Seriously this article is just spinning statements based of HIS opinions. Thus not making them factual.

I'm not surprised I've never seen this site because this is clearly looking for hits.

Redempteur3848d ago

Still funny to cal a game that is a commercial and critical sucess one of themain fact that hardcore is dying at nintendo's when plenty of hardcore games were released

Lazyeye793848d ago

I just think that Nintendo is just going down hill, with all of their stuff. The Zelda franchise is one of the best franchises out there and the only thing ruining/holding it back is Nintendo themselves (to me at least).

I love Zelda, but dislike Nintendo, in fact the only reason I own a Nintendo system is because of Zelda and after the crummy DS Zelda games, I, as of now, will never buy another Nintendo system or Zelda game. They destroyed the franchise with their last 2 releases and I have lost all hope of them creating a good Zelda game again.

Also the best Zelda game was ALttP