The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview | Video

New and improved with dragons, heaps of new features, dual wielding and beards, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim looks to improve on not only the gameplay in TES IV Oblivion, but pretty much every other aspect. The game is looking pretty epic!

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Sanii3849d ago

So looking forward to this game. Been playing some oblivion in anticipation for Skyrim!

doa7663849d ago

no gameplay there, don't waste your time

norman293849d ago

What a pointless ass video, just some guy talking about what you can read yourself an various sites now, showing scans of the game from Edge (all over the net too) and snippets of the unveil vid (can be found on GT) dont waste your bandwidth guys

rockleex3848d ago

I REALLY hope Skyrim has a better story this time around.

Oblivion started out great!

Then it seems like the developers just got lazy with the story and decided to make you do the same mission over and over.

Leio3848d ago

Nothing more than a dude talking like hes gona throw up any minute :S

nveenio3848d ago

What a misleading article. This wasn't a preview of Skyrim...this was a dude talking about a game announcement...

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Kazu0 Hirai3849d ago

This was not a video preview. This is just a video of some idiot talking about the exact same shit ive been reading about for the last 2 days.

YOU FAIL SANII for posting this garbage and wasting my time.

visualb3848d ago

sannii you cheap ass hits for free bastard misleading people


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RedDead3849d ago

Thought you'd all like to know, first gameplay vid will come out next month, told to us through twitter

3849d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.