Far Cry 2010 Is Really Stunning and Looks Like Crysis - Amazing Screens and Video Released

This mod is called FarCry 2010 Here is the description of this project FarCry remastering of the true form of a mod. Create a recess in CryEngine. Do not take it, this mod will not be a simple mod that changes a few textures and various other small changes have seen so far for FarCry, but a complete redesign of every level ! The script and A.I will not change. All will be tempted not to distort the real Far Cry graphics level.

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ps3360games3855d ago

wow it looks Almost as good as u2

Arnon3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

And Uncharted 2 almost looks as good as Crysis. Oh wait... no it doesn't.

But yeah... this looks nothing like Crysis.

sickbird3855d ago

Looks like Crysis? ummm no.

multipayer3855d ago

IT IS CRYSIS! A mod of Crysis... I'm not reading anymore beyond this comment, I'll have an imprint of my palm on my face...

sickbird3853d ago

mmmmm no its a FarCry mod.

Drjft3855d ago

Can people stop posting these stupid EUR/GER websites. English or not at all.

Kon3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

I don't see this looking better than Crysis, but is a very great work.

LMS3855d ago

still ... it looks better than 90% of console games!!

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The story is too old to be commented.