Best 5 Games on Xbox Kinect 2010

AC: A lot of people took the chance and bought a Kinect for the Xbox 360, but unfortunately Microsoft forgot to deliver the goods with a lack of killer titles at launch and the masses noticed.

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Seijoru3857d ago

There is only one game for Kinect 2010 and thats dance central.

DelbertGrady3857d ago

If you're not into dancing I'd say Kinect Sports is the only other game worth getting at the moment.

How can they make a top 5 list when there are only two decent games? lol. 2011 will hopefully bring more to the table.

sickpup3857d ago

1. Kinect Sports
2. EA Sports Active 2
3. Dance Central
4. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
5. Kinect Adventures

Bigpappy3857d ago

It depends on a lot of factors (subjective). I have 4 game and like them all. I have K-sports, K-Adv, Dance Central, and Your Shape.

If you have young kids, K-mal should be on your list. I would need to play the other before making a recommendation, for or against. Sports Active has my attention mainly because it come with the on screen hart rate monitor.

-Mezzo-3856d ago

So far only 2 Motion control Game are worth mentioning.

Sports Champion (Move) & Dance Central (Kinect), as a Move owner i am really enjoying Sports Champion, Soon i will get LBP 2,KZ3.

dkblackhawk503856d ago

Thats all I could come up with.

Hitman07693856d ago

Sports Champions is actually a great game, I wasn't expecting too too much from it since it was basically put together from tech demos but it's a great mini-title to start off the Move. Killzone 3 and Socom 4 are looking great though as well as Sorcery.

TABSF3856d ago

I think there was only 5 anyway :/

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