AC Review - Call of Duty Black Ops - Needs Co-Op Campaigns Please

AC: My wife and I recently got this game and a PS3 for Xmas. We like to play games together, such as, adult action based first person shooters with lots of great co-op campaigns and engaging visual environments and an engaging storyline so good that you totally forget you are playing a game, but immersed in their world.

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Dart893850d ago

You should just have got it on xbox360 on ps3 it's s*** and this is coming from a ps3 owner.I never bought it but my friend did and i played it was just so terrible that i even gave him the remote back after getting a few kills.

Rob Hornecker3840d ago

To the Author of the story: Bo,1st thing is the PS3 edition is the most hacked,cheated on and overall problem plagued of CoD black ops there is. The only CoD that has a decent co-op story is World @ war...and that would be ONLY if you like WW2 shooters. To give a kudos to CoD black ops,the combat training is fun to play co-op in.

2nd: I always do my homework when looking at previews of up coming games and then check the box for co-op game play.I not much into the head to head online ( To many cheats and screaming,foul mouth kids for my taste! ) and truly enjoy a fun co-op with friends.

3rd: As the old saying goes,"You get what you pay for". I too own both a Xbox 360 and a PS3 and find the online on XBL far better than the PS3's free online service. I bought the PS3 because I wanted to play MAG and that the service was FREE. Needless to say I will buy a game for the 360 before I would buy it for the PS3.

I do have a couple of games that I would like to recommend to you...Ghost recon advances warfare 2 has a excellent co-op story and is out for both systems and can be bought new for a pretty cheap price. The other game would be Battlefield bad company 2. Although it does not have a co-op story,it does feature 4 player squad online aswell as a 4 player add on called onslaught.As with GRAW 2 it is out for both consoles and can be bought for under $40.00.

Last thing ,feel free to send me a "friend request" for either XBL or PSN ( or BOTH! ) You can find my gamer tags in my N4G profile. It would be a pleasure to play online with you anytime! Thanks for writing a GREAT story on this subject!