Gameinformer:COD 4 Played With Kinect/Wii Controllers

GI:Kinect continues to be a fertile testbed for hacks and proof of concept videos, as this video shows. In it, YouTube user demize2010 plays Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on a PC using a combination of Kinect input for gestures such as leaning, throwing grenades, and melee attacks, and a Wii remote and nunchuk for in-game motion inputs. It looks as though it works pretty well, too.

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Tinasumsum3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

After enough people have Kinect I can see Microsoft releasing Kinect controllers of sorts

NYC_Gamer3849d ago

kinect,seems like its doing better on the PC side of things.

Tinasumsum3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

No it seems that way because they're doing things the developers are either not doing or showing right now on the 360. If these types of games come to the 360 they will be developed on the PC like this to begin with like all other games. They're doing things on PC and showing people as they go that's the difference between PC and 360 development. Console developers don't update the mass public on what they fool around with on the software and hardware front every week.

ComboBreaker3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

plus the purchase of a Wii Nunchuck, Wiimote, and a PC.

Rainstorm813848d ago

Soooo.......... they successfully made PS Move?

I guess its news because it works with COD....

Instead of going through this much trouble just buy PS move and MAG and then get KZ3 and Modern Combat when released if this is what you are looking for.

Looks like the hackers are proving Sony right, as far as this being the best way for CORE motion gaming....

Soldierone3848d ago

Thank god im not the only one seeing this....

EVILDEAD3603848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

'Looks like the hackers are proving Sony right, as far as this being the best way for CORE motion gaming....'

LOL @ the hackers actually proving how CORE motion FPS gaming was done on the WII for years

MAG is hands down better with a controller..I only bought it because it was Move compatible..not even close to enhancing the experience.

Who needs Kinect for shooters when the 360 controller is the best FPS console controller out there.

Hopefully KZ3 make Move worth it for shooters..but as it is right now..the controls have been tacked on


Rainstorm813848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

the Wii uses a camera and a controller i never knew...

As far as 360's controller some people prefer the DS3, me personally i can use either one on COD and have the same success. Its all on personal preference.

I agree with KZ3 because i thought MAG wasnt that great of a game but it developed quite a following, just another option for "motion-controlled" FPS gaming that doesnt involve lackluster graphics or hacking your brand new Kinect.

I just find it funny to hack Kinect to do what devices that are available, already does. Not to mention how much press its getting like its a brand new never before seen way to play games..... On second thought i guess it is ....for Kinect

sobekflakmonkey3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I kinda call BS on this video, and for many reasons. Im not saying the idea is stupid, but isnt this pretty much what wii and PSMove is doing? If you think about it, Wii capitalized on this so long ago and nobody can argue that, but now Sony decided to do what Wii did and improve on it, Microsoft just went with a stand alone camera which is what Sony did YEARS ago but also improved on it, slowly but surely, and i was saying this before, they will all end up the same, you neeeed controllers, this is a fact, or a keyboard and mouse..or something, because there are way to many variables in video games...

BloodyNapkin3848d ago

So basically he turned the kinect into move, go figure.

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Kran3848d ago

Where on earth is the indication in any Kinect trailers that FPS is a must for Kinect?

So many people are bitching saying "Oh kinect will never be able to do FPS" Where is that indication that Microsoft have even attempted to do such a thing?

Rush3848d ago

Yep Microsoft will keep Kinect controller free until they release the Xbox 720, once the 720 is release of course I see them bringing a Move/Wiimote type controller in to complement Kinect allow users to play virtual any type of game with Kinect.

Am sure they will remove the gamepad all together by the time the 720 is released, until then Kinect will have to stay controller free for better or for worse.

OGharryjoysticks3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

You might see them bringing a controller, but Sony has patents on the use of controllers with a camera in more ways than one, so I don't think it will happen.

EDIT= fear88 @ 2.4, I didn't make it down to read your post when I posted. Didn't mean to steal your thunder homie. My bad.

UP3848d ago

Because their biggest games are those kinds of games

Rainstorm813848d ago

Because according to MS...

"Some games can be fun and casual, some games can be shooters"

It has one no time for the other...

fear883848d ago

I doubt Microsoft has the ability to release a wii-mote like add-on. Fact is that a controller being sensed by a camera would infringe upon Sony's already patented technology. A fight that Microsoft would rather avoid all together.

Soldierone3848d ago

Ummm...Microsoft had no choice but to follow Sony and say "ours can be used in core games too." What core games does Microsoft have? Shooters, Halo etc... What is PS Move being used for? Shooters. Action games. and Casual games. What will Kinect fans want? The same thing.

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Soldierone3848d ago

So wait....Microsoft is gonna do EXACTLY what Sony did again? I mean release a camera, say "hands free" support it for a while, then "oh hey look you do need controllers afterall." ....

If Sony releases an HD Eye, Id buy it even though Move works fine, id still buy it. And it would be doing exactly the same thing. It already head tracks in the Fight, it just needs a better camera. This is what Kinect is, and when they do release controllers they might as well admit it, that Sony has been there done that.

ManGastaS3848d ago

How can Sony be right if Move is not selling!?

Microsoft is the one right here! 8 fu**ing Million SOLD!!!

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