Best Buy Unveils Exclusive Sub-Zero Skin for Mortal Kombat

Realm of Gaming states, "Best Buy has finally revealed the exclusive Sub-Zero skin that people will get when they preorder from the retailer. gets Reptile and GameStop gets Scorpion."

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xino3849d ago

I'm getting Scorpion instead! Scorpion is better than SubZero and he's sick! just like how Ninja Gaiden 3 is sick!:)

WildArmed3849d ago

Man, I was hoping to see Ryu Hyubasa in MK :D
He'd fit right in.

hmm.. I'm not too keen on extra skins, as long as the character isn't exclusive, I'm happy.

Though, atm this game is walking the line between to buy and not to buy

Bereaver3848d ago

Why would Ryu fit into Mortal Kombat?

ABizzel13848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Where is all this Ninja Gaiden 3 talk coming from. Was there a trailer or something that I missed?

Anywho I've always liked both, but the big snowman has been my favorite.


My guess would be because:

1. He's a ninja (like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, etc...)
2. He's been in a fighting game (DOA)
3. Ninja Gaiden is bloody and full of decapitations
4. He has Ninja magic allowing him to compete

WildArmed3848d ago

Yeah, ABizzel hit the mark with why I think so.

I recently just played Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, so I guess that's why I brought it up.

GamerSciz3848d ago

I hope this stuff is available online at a later date. I know it doesn't necessarily enhance the game in any way but to make items store exclusive I just find upsetting as a gamer. We as gamers want everything the game has to offer but I am not going to preorder it from every store just to get every costume/outfit. Ugh...gaming marketing has gone to crap.

kornbeaner3848d ago

another bonus that comes with these classic skins is their classic fatalities as well. So say you want to do Sub-Zero's head rip from MK1 you have to pre-order this at Bestbuy and so fourth for the other characters.

creamsoda3848d ago

I wish they made reptile into human form wearing the ninja suit. I never liked the reptilian reptile designs in the later games or this game.

Deacon3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

You can get the human form of Reptile if you pre-order from Amazon. Here's a link to the pic:


And link to the actual offer:

creamsoda3848d ago

Oh wow nice find thanks dude. :P

I really dig the original reptile he looks the best I might have to pre-order MK after all.