How bad is the PS3-hack? + exclusive explanation Mathieulh

PS3-Sense writes: "Since GeoHot has released the root-key of the PS3 it has been totally exposed. Many people are afraid that the sales of PS3-games will completely collapse and that everyone is going to download their games. Even though the PS3 is completely exposed and people say that Sony can't fix it, it is possible. We got explanation from the famous hacker Mathieulh which you can read in this article."

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dangert123848d ago

IMO I don't think its that bad the ps2 was a mad success despite how early in its life it was hacked for piracy sony may lose some but they'll still be running at a profit i think

NYC_Gamer3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

look at the 360 its been cracked and software sells are still high

[email protected]
black ops was the most pirated game last year.and look at the huge sales..and trust me a lot of pirates play 360 games online.i've watched 360 black ops/reach xbl streams before the game came out.they even had jtag 360's running the online beta.

Zir03848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Thats because the majority of high selling 360 games are online focused and people don't pirate those games because they will get banned. A better indication would be looking at the sales of games like Alan Wake or Crackdown (single player focused games), which are some of the most torrented games. Alan Wake had over 1ml downloads more than it actually sold.

The PS3 is another story, games like GOW3, Infamous, The Last Guardian, FFvsXIII, Agent, Uncharted. All games that are mainly played for single player are massively at risk by this.

The PS3 could really become like the PSP is now.

As for a fix it will likely be a back and forth battle like the PSP with new CFW combating the official FW.

Blacks ops may have been the most pirated game but if you look at the percentage of people who actually brought it rather than pirated it you will find not that many actually pirated it. There are always a few silly people who take pirated games online hence the banning, but single player focused games are mainly at risk and a lot of PS3 exclusives are single player focused.

There's nothing stopping people from leaving their computers on overnight to complete downloads, I've done it plenty of times. And I'm sure people won't mind waiting a week to download rather than pay $60, especially when torrented games are usually leaked a week before official release anyway.

@Action Bastard
Thats you, but I'm sure people who pirate games know how not to be tracked.

ActionBastard3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

From the article:

"I looked up and Mathieulh have an interesting conversation with him about the developments of the hacked PlayStation 3 and what the future will look like. Mathieulh is responsible for finding the "root keys" of the PSP and the AACS keys from the PlayStation 3."


"Sony CAN fix everything software wise, the only thing They can not do is you from soldering preventDefault a normal flasher and replace the content with your own firmware. So it's not quite as pwned as the dream cast is, i bet we'll see soon modchips though. When the scene is moving, It does not take long for the modchip makers to rip Their work haha."


@ Zir0
I'm not willing to try and download 25-50GB PS3 exclusives waiving a red flag for my ISP. They do measure your utilization month to month ya know.

Ducky3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

^ They measure utilization, so what? That's all they know.
You'll have a bigger problem getting tracked if you don't mask yourself.

You could be downloading content from a DigitalDitribution site or even P2P file-sharing. (among many other things)
The utilization only becomes an issue if you have a bandwidth cap.

I_find_it_funny3848d ago

He said "haha" at the end, what a basterd, I bet he has HDD full of scene released games.

Cueil3848d ago

Much of the space on a BR disk is filled with unnessarry stuff like other languages and misc. other stuff... most game are rarely larger then a few gigs especially if you cut out cut scenes

MisterAV3847d ago

It's not so simple to rip languages, videos,...
Sometimes you just look at the file name but another time you find just a big file... Also with so many languages you can't make 20 ripped version for 20 languages. Also you can't rip videos like in uncharted because loading is hidden during videos and other games has real time videos so...

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Shazz3848d ago

@ ziro yea single player games will be at risk but theres a huge difference with people downloading a 9gb game maximum to downloading a potential50gb game , would take days and severely gimp your internet

branchedout3848d ago

In many places, you can have the download finished if you put it on download before you go to sleep. By the time you're back from work/school, it'll be finished. And that's the potential 50 gig game.

With 8 and 10 meg connections being commonplace, downloads aren't all that scary.

beavis4play3848d ago

branchedout -MANY people have monthly limits as to what they can download.
also - connections over 3 meg are NOT "commonplace".

what you're suggesting i've heard for seveal years and it's just not true.

branchedout3847d ago


I apologize. I live in a small town in Louisiana, where technological development isn't exactly thriving. I assume that if we got it down here, so does everyone else.

Loner3848d ago

Rent the game and copy it onto your hard drive
Problem solved

Cueil3848d ago

Potential is not reality... reality is that you can cull out one of the benefits that BR gives developers... that is multipul languages on a single disc and putting in promotions like demos and what-not

Balt 3848d ago

Sony and the publishers are in no "real" threat or danger here. The consumers who buy Ps3, the main demograph, are not tech savvy enough to know the 1st thing about hacking their system. The only ones who will do this are the hardest of hardcore (2%), maybe, of the core user.

Then we have the other hardest of hardcore who love to own the physical copy of the game, the booklet and all that ****. They won't steal the game because they've already got part 1 and 2 on disc -- Why ruin the collection with an incomplete?

There are way more ramifications involved here than just A to B to C.

jerethdagryphon3847d ago

agreed balt collectors would only use this type of thing to keep a collection pristine collectors will go out of there way to aquire games they want legitly after all owning a spindle of burned discs doenst compare to having a signed set on your wall or bookcase

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )


Doesn't hacking the 360 require hardware modification? Comparing the PS3 jailbreak or whatever to the 360's is the wrong comparison. You should be comparing it to the PC/smartphones, which only requires software to hack/crack. This can also be said about hacking the PS2 last generation.

This will hurt PS3 software far more than any other console because;

It's easier to hack
Only requires software
PS3 games barely sell compared to other system's past and present
I plan hacking anyone's system for free
The knowledge of the hack is being spread by local media's websites/newspapers etc
iPhone jailbreakers are on board

Sony dun goofed...

edit: @Shazz, @Action Bastard

You won't have to worry about downloading 50GB PS3 games just yet as most of them are 20GB tops. GT5 for example is only 19GB though GOWIII is about 45GB. Here is a list (old one) of PS3 game sizes - see links -


I'm not surprised especially when you are who you are...

@PepeK, Nyc_Gamer

I just looked up what is required to hack/flash the 360 and I'm afraid that is far more technical than hacking/jailbreaking the PS3, so my point is still valid. But obviously you guys already knew that.

Seijoru3848d ago

Stopped reading at PS3 games barely sell.

duplissi3848d ago

yeah most people on the internet are rather ignorant and will believe hearsay...

PepeK3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Xbox 360 does not need hardware modification to run pirated games. All you have to do is change the firmware of the dvd drive, which is pretty easy for someone with common knowledge.
I don't think ps3 will be more exposed to piracy than xbox360.

NYC_Gamer3848d ago

12 year olds can flash a 360 drive.all you need is common knowledge.

PenisaurisDix3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

People who play pirate games, say on a modded PSP -- there is no real link between sales loss and the amount of modded games. If you have 100 PSP isos it does not mean you were going to buy those 100 games at any point in time. And the more you play on your device, the more invested you are to that platform. So I'd say you were likely to buy maybe the new God of War PSP game instead of investing in Angry Birds 7 on the iPhone, since you were still actively playing your PSP.

And there is a link between the"desirability" of a device and it's unlockability. For example, PSP phats were very popular on eBay and such back in the day when perople were Pandora-ing them. The big hardware companies know this, the modding actually sells alot of hardware. And if you brick your device, well, you have to buy another, which is another sale :)

These big companies have relationships with all sort of content creators, so they need to issue press releases to say how bad it is, they are under big pressure to take action so in Sony's case, lots of firmware upgrades, etc. As corporations they need to protect their IP and enforce their copyright.

Look at the grey area right now with media streamers. All this things like Boxee-Box which are basically giving you the ability to run MKVs on your HDTV. Yes there are legal services like netflix itunes but at the end of the day people like the choice available on the pirate bay more than say,the PSN store. If someone downloads 100 movies and steals them, don't ever tell me that these people were going to buy 100 blu-ray disks if they were not tempted by free. This is the main fallacy of the pirate argument in my opinion.

PS3 in my opinion has been a great, flawed system from the start. It's been "the year of the PS3" since 2007, so they have said. PS3 has been a little less than optimal at times. Blu-rays are great, first party has been pretty good. There's been some mis-steps. In the end running emulators / homebrew / game ISOs or whatever the scene ends up doing to the PS3 may be mixed-blessing for the PS3.

If Sony gets radical and bans USB, bans media streaming, etc. it will just further obsolete the PS3 by reducing its utility. There's alot of heat on now, look at 3DS coming and don't forget old Steve Jobs. If Sony is not careful Apple can strike them too. So I hope Sony focuses on great content this year, and Move games ( my desire is that they get to release that new Goldeneye EA game on Move after the exclusivity is over) and not so much an endless firmwares that nerf the console further.

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