PlayStation Move or Kinect, which is the Biggest Waste of Money?

GameDynamo takes a look at PlayStation Move and Kinect and what they have to offer. Did they rip us off or is there still hope?

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tony67673812d ago

i would say kinect for paying 150$ and the only good game on it so far is dance central

BrianG3812d ago

Dance Central does look like the game to get for Kinect. I know a few people with that game and they love it. The other games like Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports, etc.. were like one time plays. Fun, just not fun enough to return like Dance Central.

Move for me, the game to get is The Fight right now. I highly recommend sports champions as well, displays pretty damn good what the Move can do. But The Fight has me addicted right now. Its a pretty good workout and fun at the same time.

I don't think either is a waste of money, that all comes down to personal opinion.

tony67673812d ago

yup, the fight looks awesome the only problem is that i got it for Christmas but all move controller are sold out so i cant get a second one have to wait till its in stock

EasilyTheBest3812d ago

Kinect Sports a one time play????

Your kidding, right.
Me and my family havent stopped playing Kinect Sports since Christmas. We love it. Table Tennis online is our fav.

BrianG3812d ago

Easily the best.

Clearly everyones situation is not the same, I was just commenting on the vast majority of what I'm seeing, which is that game is a one time play to the majority of my friends and family that have the game.

Bigpappy3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

It is funny how people, who don't own Kinect, are experts at which games are best on the system and which one make you want to play again. They usually have a friend (which is even more unbelievable), or have tried it at a friends house.

I am your friend too. I have had Kinect since launch. Kinect is a solid gaming device, and its games are simple to pickup and play, but you actually get better at them over time like any other game. You can't just have a one off and say: I did Kinect and it sucks! Or you can't say a friend told me DC is the only good game. I received DC on Thursday and have not opened it Yet, because I am to score from your Shape to really do dancing.

Please speak about what you know and stop making fools of yourselves. Please.

@EasilyTheBest: May be we should start asking people when they comment on games to show gamer-tags. These guys would have to show they atleast reached pro in 3 of the 6 K-sports game before even getting to post an opinion on it.

BrianG3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Hey BigPappy

Gamertag on Xbox for my brother, who has Kinect right next to my PSeye on top of our tv, DUTCHCRACKA. Look it up. I played the games on his Tag with him, Dance Central and Kinect Adventures.

Our friend Greg, his tag is on my bro's friends list and I'm not going to give it out since its not mine. But he has Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, Fighters Uncaged, Kinect Adventures and Sonic Freeriders.

Need any more?

My Tag, SoloGuitarist89, PSN, MADPWNER.

I've played the games, don't try that on me.

darthv723811d ago

neither are a waste of $$ so long as they deliver on what they are designed for. You cant fault something if it fulfills on the promise it made regardless of the quality.

You can, however, if something is released and nothing is ever done with it from that point on. A few examples would be ROB the robot, or even the hdd for the ps2.

Both are examples of useless tech that didnt have to be useless. They failed because the parent companies gave up on them. Sony I think was coerced by Square to make the HDD for FF11 and nothing ever became of it. Sad really as they could have done so much more.

Move/ far they are delivering on the initial offering of games/gameplay that is different from traditional controls. So early with the doom and gloom articles is a sure sign of a successful product.

Look at Wii, PS3 and 360 and the doom and gloom articles when they came out and compare them to their current rate of success.

cpm106823811d ago

I have been a huge sony fanboy since I bought my 60gb launch PS3, but with Kinect launching and my wife wanting it, I finally bought a xbox360. But before I get into that, let me tell you about my ps move experience.

I was going to wait to buy it until more games came out, but I was given the controller for my birthday so I was "forced" (not really) to try it out. I have played most of the move demo's (I don't like RTS so no RUSE); tumble and the shoot were really the only cool ones I liked. Eye petz was dumb for an adult as I expected, the party was right up there and beat sketcher was only a little better. Also, I thought heavy rain was better without the move. Since that time I have bought bass pro fishing (way better and ton's of fun with the move, but too simple); I bought Resident Evil gold edition (much improved being able to directly aim and shoot on the screen); and recently sport champions (very fun without the warm fuzzy feeling of wii resort or kinect sports; it's has more of a hardcore gaming feel). All in all having now owned the move, kinect, and wii I can say that I believe the move to be more suited for player such as my self preferring playing hardcore games by themselves. The wii and kinect seem to be more family oriented. That it not to say I don't enjoy playing them. I recently sold my wii since I have the kinect and move. The only thing I actually hate about the move is the camera. I can't understand why they didn't release a 720P HD camera with the move. Other things I dislike are how if you point your move off the screen too far, the calibration gets off (this can be fixed by going too far off the opposite side of the screen or running the calibration tool) and just in general no real major support from Sony in the marketing or game publishing areas. They have a great accessory and need to treat it as such. Now for the kinect.

I bought Kinect a couple of months ago and I started with just playing Kinect adventures. I actually do like the game. People need to give it a chance. It's more fun with two people playing though (but I believe that to me true about most motion games). Then I bought Dance Central for the wife. I've played it a bunch since then although I suck at dancing; my wife plays it much more than me though. Then I bought Kinect sports. My wife likes the bowling in that a lot better because you don't need to have a controller. I prefer the bowling on wii resort, I had way more control on it. We both love all of the track and field games on kinect sports as well as volleyball. Finally I just bought fitness your shape evolved or whatever its called. I have been doing that and I am not joking when I say you can work your muscles to failure on that game. It is awesome. I recommend that to anyone wanting to do in home cardio.

So all in all I believe it comes down to a personal preference on which systems to get. I think one truely should own all of the systems to get the best gaming experience. If you play alone most of the time, I think the move will be the best motion experience. If you play with family of mostly older ages, I think kinect is great. And if you have young kids or prefer nintendo games overall then get a move. What do you think?

Bigpappy3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

@cpm10682: That was the best review and comparison I have seen on N4G for Kinect and Move. I don't agree with everything you say, but I know you mean every word of it. You may not need my respect, but you have no choice, I'm giving it regardless.

Neither of these products were mis-represented. People who bought them knew exactly what they were getting and how much it would cost. They are many on the net who write these opinion pieces to play on fanboy emotions, just for the hits.

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Joni-Ice3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Cant you guys see that one of these article are put on N4G everyday and everyday you guys argue over and over again on the same topic? Tomorrow there will be another Kinect and Move comparision of some sort. I wish people who write game news or articles do it creatively. Not the same rehash shit.

Kurt Russell3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I can see this... and lose bubbles for being cynical because of it.

*that and being offensive to the odd web douche

feejo3811d ago

We have nothing else to do.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3812d ago

Move will probably die out like the EyeToy/PSEye and Betamax. So it would be better to look at the long term but short term Kinect is the biggest waste of money.

FailOverHero3812d ago

With an install base of 140 million. Kinect sold 8 million with a 50 million install base and oh yeah, in 2 months and is still selling.

Adva3812d ago

Lol trolls saying MOVE will die. Maybe in your dream land?

Kurt Russell3811d ago

It won't die any time soon... But then it won't be held in the same regard as a Gameboy or Snes either - same goes with Kinect. Big futuristic gimmicks with short term merit. As it stands, both are fun to play until the next big thing we're told to buy.

Seijoru3812d ago

Yeah but it did great for its time before motion gaming became a cool fad. The Wii really made motion gaming popular but the eyetoy was the first to have some sort of commercial success.

jneul3811d ago

yeah and kinect will die out just like hd-dvd oh wait hd-dvd also sold more for a while and looky what happened...

cpm106823811d ago

The move won't die because it's an accessory. How long has the ps eye been in stores? Almost since launch with almost no games for it. I hope the same doesn't happen to the move, but Sony does need to kick up its marketing and first party game development.

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Snake-eater3812d ago

thats a good question, seriously