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Karooo3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Interesting, I would love Move support like Killzone 3. Socom + Killzone + Uncharted = win

@below :(

Dante1123850d ago

From article

Naughty Dog On Presently Turning Down the PlayStationMove

"What I have heard is that Naughty Dog will not be supporting Sony’s latest hardware gizmo, the PlayStation Move. Christophe Balestra, Co-President at Naughty Dog has the reasons for it. He says, ” A Great Move game is a game made around Move and we started Uncharted long before that. It would be very difficult for us to adjust it. We tried a couple of things but it wasn’t making a lot of sense.”

rockleex3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

True, a great Move game is built around Move.

But a non-Move game should still allow the option to use Move as another form of aiming, controlling the camera, etc.

The more options, the better.

nycredude3850d ago

Kilzone Socom are pure shooters. Uncharted is also a platformer so of the Move is not ideal.

TheLastGuardian3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I was hoping Uncharted 3 would have Move support. TPS games work great with Move. The platforming would work just how it does with the Dualshock 3. You could just use the analog stick on the navigation controller to move and X or the move button to jump. I was looking forward to Uncharted 3 having DS3 and move support just like KZ3 is getting.

mugoldeneagle033849d ago

That some games just work better with the 'ol controller. I love my Move, but I'm definitely not too bummed about this. I'll have plenty of other Move compatible games to play in 2011.

zeeshan3849d ago

It makes PERFECT sense. If a developer doesn't feel comfortable with a particular accessory for a certain game then lets not force them to still do it just so we have another option. I'd rather see them working on other things and using their precious time to enhance the graphics, sound, gameplay or story even more. Naughty Dogs are a set of true high quality professionals. Let them do what THEY think is best for the game!


Nycredude is right, if it was a pure shooter, Move would be a great OPTION (as fun as it is, I don't want to play shooters with motion controls all the time, specially online) but adding Move to the platformer part could be taking away from the experience.

Move can mimic a gun pretty well and while other shooter gameplay mechanics (jump, interact, reload, trown granades, etc) aren't being imitated, they are done briefly and ocasionally.

Uncharted on the other hand have sessions of shooter, others of climbing and some mixed, we would be having fun for 15 minutes of shooter and after just be pressing buttons or randomly waggling inputs for a climbing session thats mimics nothing what you are doing... In the mixed ones we would be lost in between, probably coming out as a really awkward moment.

It would not just feel like a cheap addition, it could lead to real inconsistent experience, as they would probably have to develop gameplay that feels playable in both controllers which, for such a diverse game, would probably lead to restrictions.

The best thing about Move is it have the potential to work with anything since it's so precise and versatile at the same time it's completelly optional. We got better of both worlds, while we aren't limited to casual games or simple gameplay as in Kinect (so far), all hardcore or other complex games don't have to suffer to be adapted into mandatory motion controls like in the Wii (not saying Wii don't have good hardcore games, but many games on the platform would of had been better if not designed around WiiMote). Devs can choose when Move should be used or not and to which extent (as the only form of control, the main option or a secondary option).

I support Naughty Dog for keeping it this way.

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Megaton3850d ago

I'm glad they're not wasting their time with Move.

Vherostar3849d ago

Move just wouldn't work on Uncharted although Move is a great idea its just not for everything. Motion controls in general aren't for everything it's why a lot of people think Kienct will fail after it's initial settling down phase.

cyborg3850d ago

sultry desert gypsy to play the part in this game.

otacon683850d ago

I think they will make U3 move compatible. TPS/FPS work good on move and they are first party afterall.

jwk943850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

You didn't even glance at the article did you?

Anyway, not that much new info, we already knew that elena was going to be in the game.

@Emmetticelticfan she is back.

FrankMcSpank3850d ago

Yes! I love her character so much. She is like the perfect girl. Beautiful, a smart ass, a tough cookie as well. Chloe was too skanky for a long term commitment.

CaptainPunch3849d ago

Yeah Elena was great in Uncharted 2, let's hope she make a return.

chilled2m3850d ago

I need me a little Chloe! I know Nathan cares for Elena,but can't Chloe be a "side quest"? wink wink...

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