2011 – The year GTA V’s location is revealed?

RockstarBase Writes:

Finally 2011 is upon us. While many are still anticipating (some, if any) news regarding the next GTA, we are all still left in the dark from those sly geniuses at Rockstar (North).
We have seen predictions from various gaming analysts claiming GTA V was going to launch in 2010. Unfortunately those rumours have proven to be false.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC3853d ago

Yes, Then Gta 6 Will In Be Sanandreas

jammy_703853d ago

A San Andreas remake would be sweeeeet... Now gta 5 I hope it isn't a concrete jungle like 4, that was a reason why I didn't enjoy it like San andreas buildings everywhere all the same and boring....

I_find_it_funny3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Yes, I'd love to revisit San Andreas, open areas FTW!

Tbh I don't care it can be VC or SAm I just want next GTA asap, and do some crazy stuff with friends on muliplayer.
Many people wish GTA to be in Europe or other cities, but I prefer not to expand the GTA universe

Zydake3853d ago

I hope they dont reveal the location till there done.
I would like for them to reveal everything at once to give me a long lasting effect of awesomeness. 0.0

Kevin ButIer3853d ago

We shouldnt start the hype too early... just as we did with GTA4

3853d ago
hassi943853d ago

Or, M_Jack_H, you could appreciate them for the fantastic games they are.

3853d ago
hassi943852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )


Don't be such a douche. You're no better than any one of us for having a different opinion.

The way I see it, we all have an extra game we love.

What is better? Loving a game or hating it? I know which I'd pick. I wish I could like bad games, too, would mean I have a lot more variety of enjoyable experiences.

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-Superman-3853d ago

Its not GTA 5 or GTA 6
Its just GTA 4 Vice City

Like: GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas
after they made new engine... came out GTA 4
Now they use this engine and next game is GTA 4: Vice City

hassi943852d ago

Rockstar specifically said that their next GTA release would be numbered, as the Episodes of Liberty City were the fillers in this case.

DaTruth3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Didn't GTA4 release in 2008? What the Hell is going on? Vice City and San Andreas released 1yr after their predecessors respectively. Why are we waiting 2.5 years without even an announcement? On top of that, Agent is nowhere to be seen!

Is this what its coming to now? We give up whole games for crappy DLC? Ballad of Gay Tony could have taken place in another city! By the time you finish the first story, you know the entire city better than the one you lived your whole life in. Considering most of the missions are go here, go there, shoot, you're not left with much new gameplay. This is the equivalent of paying for new game modes, instead of map packs and just playing in the same maps!

[email protected]: I never meant as stories, they sucked. Just that it sucked that you're driving around the same corners and blocks, that you're already bored of driving in! I stated above that I just wanted those stories in another town and for it not to be spaced four years apart!

plenty a tool3853d ago

its strange agreed. and personally, i think the agent will go multi!

with the guaranteed bank account filler that gta is, it is surprising that we have not already played a second gta this gen.

r* need to pull their fingers out, because i cant wait to see what advancements they bring. just like vice city topped gta III and san andreas topped vice city, i expect the same this gen

Threesix3853d ago

Considering that making a game in the current generation of consoles takes much more work than the previous generation, it makes sense why a new game has been slower to have details revealed than before. The amount of detail that Rockstar puts in the GTA games is staggering and then considering they made the DLCs, which added a fresh perspective to the game btw, the answer is pretty obvious.

AliTheBrit193853d ago

No dude, BOGT and TLAD where great.

r1sh123853d ago

@I find it funny..
Im the same, I dont care where the next GTA is I just want to play it.
Most other games are garbage (Call of duty)...
IMO I think the next GTA (GTAV) could be hollywood...?
I thought GTA IV was a great game, although I didnt care too much for single player, I loved the multiplayer though

tablav3853d ago

If GTA went to Hollywood, it would be San Andreas. Los Santos WAS Los Angeles essentially (remember skydiving down to the Vinewood sign? That was awesome!)

I personally loved the single player of GTA 4 and disliked the multiplayer, but each to their own tastes I guess...that being said, the constant phonecalls were annoying as hell...

r1sh123852d ago

Check out my youtube (just put my n4g username in the search bar and check the gta videos).

iPad3853d ago

i just want a gta to use all the 50gbs

hennessey863853d ago

basically your asking for it to be a ps3 exclusive and thats not going to happen. They made too much money on 360 to go exclusive with sony. Were getting agent as an exclusive though so you never know.

RussDeBuss3853d ago

my money is on somewhere unexpected

africa, russia, south america

something like that

RatherHavaBigGirl3853d ago

brazil would be a good setting

Kon_Artist 3853d ago

the amount of content sanandreas was unfreaking believable

tablav3853d ago

Actually, I just started playing GTA 4 again. It's not the greatest game in the world, but it's still enjoyable. Rather than generalising about a group of games and criticising others for playing them, just play what games you want to. I happen to think that the GTA franchise will be around for as long as gaming, and it will always sell well, despite the internet haters.

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PidgeottosCrew3853d ago

Went in thinking it would be some plain speculation, but instead I come out enlightened. Hopefully it is Vice City - it's still my favourite game. Though one set in France or even multiple European cities would be welcome.

FrankMcSpank3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

"Though one set in France or even multiple European cities would be welcome."

Uncharted 3? But seriously...

I want GTAV in Detroit in the Winter. After Uncharted 2, I want to see more snow in games. It's an element I really love. Metroid Prime, Castlevania, Killzone 2, LBP, Modern Warfare 2/COD: Blops, SNOW SNOW SNOW....LET IT SNOW!!!

EDIT: Xbox360PS3AndPC
Nothing, he just mentioned a GTA which takes place across Europe and in countries like France. I said Uncharted 3 which takes place in France and other parts of the globe and in the Europe area. It was joke dude.

Xbox360PS3AndPC3853d ago

What Uncharted 3 Got To do With Gta

cemelc3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Dude the only cities that could make a great GTA are:

Caracas Venezuela.
Cuidad Juarez mexico.

Those cities are two of the most dangerous in the world. I live in caracas 180 death a weekend. Rockstar wouldnt even need to create crimes they just need to come for a weekend here and theyll have source material for years.

NYC_Gamer3853d ago

i would like the series to visit a city outside of north america

soundslike3853d ago

That would be pretty cool. Although I might interject and say not an Asian city as not to conflict with Yakuza.

London, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, something different than flat as hell NY street grids (no offense, cool city...just a devastating lack of hills to jump)

London might be most feasible, and after the getaway I definitely wanted more. Mostly for the tiny euro-made hatchbacks. Plus I'm sure Rockstar could have a ball making fun of the slew of accents. Not to mention being able to beat up "chavs"(I'm sure brits are cringing at me now) as they claim n-dubz is a musical genius.

tablav3853d ago

i think that's a great idea, but don't think it'll ever happen. Rockstar have a few cities which they tend to recycle.

Even in GTA (the orginal top-down game), the three levels were Liberty City, Vice City & San Andreas. As far as I'm aware, from that first game, GTA has never left these cities (GTA:London excused).

The only other city I've ever seen mentioned in any GTA game is Carcer City, which of course is the setting of Manhunt.

I don't care what place they do next. Vice City and San Andreas both top Liberty City in my opinion.

DoomeDx3853d ago

holy crap what a nice find!

Shazz3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

vice city in hd will be EPIC . gta5 has gotta be announced at e3 this year surely

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